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I just discovered ambisonic music(also called 8D), I'm blown away.CHECK.IT.OUT. Close Your eyes and let it take You places.
Jan 1st 2019 7:45am
*Headphones highly recommended!
Jan 1st 2019 12:38pm
note though it will work only on headphones due to phase shifting being the source of dimensional audio, id you're interested in more of that, seek for binaural 3D, ambisonics, VR audio etc..
Jan 1st 2019 1:53pm
^ yup, headphones are a must. I've come across phase shifting in some songs before, but never to this extent, the shifts weren't as smooth or "surrounding" as these.
Jan 1st 2019 2:36pm
Holy shit! That's awesome! They've got loads of tracks too! :D
Jan 1st 2019 4:29pm
we have the binuaral microphone head at work, it's crazy shizz actually if you take binaural 3D seriously :D
Jan 1st 2019 9:00pm
^Dayum, would love to see it in person...You're in Prague right? I'm getting in my car, be there in like 6 hours :p
Jan 1st 2019 9:12pm
I don't have it in my office anyway xD
Jan 1st 2019 10:14pm
Damn :,(
Jan 11th 2019 8:03pm
for some reason this make me feel dizzy
Jan 13th 2019 11:08am
Lol, this effect isn't new, I've heard this in my records all the way back from the 70s. Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene has instruments flying around you if you listen with headphones in stereo and that album was produced in '76 :) And yeah, binaural audio is dope! I also like Nvidia's VR audio demos where they use iray pathtracing to simulae audio waves - the sound becomes so realistic!
Jan 13th 2019 11:31am
I know that the base effect isn't new, it's just been refined, I've had records and cassettes having a similar effect imbedded in to them for a long time ;)
Jan 14th 2019 10:48am
whoa dat sound raytracing O:o kinda reminds me of me messing with CryEngine sound reverbation YAY :)