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My Cat Likes To Sleep Near My PlayStations :)
Jan 3rd 2019 6:05am
at least it not on it, mine is usually on my keyboard or partialy on it
Jan 3rd 2019 7:05am
I was about to say because of the heat but I can see they aren't plugged in so.... I guess they like PlayStations just like you :)
Jan 3rd 2019 10:14pm
Had a cat that once peed on my damn keyboard. Technically he was aiming for the monitor, luckily I had covered the monitor and keyboard so no liquid dmg occurred. Sadly nothing could get the smell off my covers so they went to the garbage.
Jan 4th 2019 9:06pm
@tTaheRookie I like introducing new things to her every now and then, I took out the PlayStations and she either lays near or ontop the PS2 now (when the monitor isn't on) lol. This is probably her way of claiming things by adding her scent. Adorable either way :D @Gankutsuou lmfao that sucks man! I hope it was inexpensive stuff. I try to keep my cat out of my room as much as possible, they're just too curious creatures and like knocking expensive shit on the ground. But Nona (my cat) is a sneaky one, she's ninja-like; I open the door for literally a second and close it, come back in later she's scratching my $200 GTR-Acing chair. lol.
Jan 4th 2019 9:11pm
@david988 I use to let mines on my keyboard and sometimes mouse pad, it was old and worn out so I didn't care much it actually made our bond better; she would sleep on my table upside down signifying she feels safe and comfortable. But that all had to change when I got full RGB Peripherals for Christmas: Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset stand, all the four. Now she's growing out of habit and recognizing I don't like it when she does that.