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A Story About My Uncle is free on humble bundle
Jan 10th 2019 8:51pm
Thx for the info. Probably not going to get it tho.
Jan 10th 2019 9:23pm
why not? just collect games y will never play lol
Jan 11th 2019 10:37am
No point in collecting stuff that I'm not going to play. Also I'm going cold turkey with gaming for a month.
Jan 12th 2019 1:06am
I had to read this 3 times before I finally got what you were saying lol. Thanks!
Jan 12th 2019 1:44pm
A friend of mine said if I would worked in encryption the CIA would be like WTF IS THIS?
Jan 12th 2019 9:08pm
idk about who he meant y or me, i thouth its me bec of my grammar
Jan 13th 2019 9:41am
Maybe we'll get an answer in a day or two. :)
Jan 13th 2019 10:04am
I was talking about the OP :)
Jan 13th 2019 3:19pm
yep i knew it