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This is what I have planned for my upgrade (PC & Setup) and thoughts or suggestions? Link:
Jan 12th 2019 3:41am
wow ! sweet stuff man.
Jan 12th 2019 5:32am
Thanks :)
Jan 12th 2019 8:22pm
Holy cow! This looks great, hope you enjoy.
Jan 13th 2019 3:20pm
Drop the motherboard mate. Your current one is fine for your 8700K. Esp. if you're runnign stock
Jan 13th 2019 11:40pm
You see I'm having serious issues with the current motherboard. Drivers have totally broken Windows 10 for me, I've tried contacting MSI and Microsoft but none were helpful. This may sound silly, but I mostly want to get the mobo just to go with this Corsair & ASUS theme I'm going with. I'll be honest, I've run my Windows 10 HDD through multiple system configurations so that probably has something to do with the driver issues I'm experiencing. I've thought it over many times and I might just get a brand new Windows 10 and get over it. But I feel that might bring more issues than solutions, expenses issues. So I'll just keep contacting Microsoft.
Jan 13th 2019 11:40pm
Sorry if my speech is a bit slurred, I literally just woke up 10 minutes ago.
Jan 14th 2019 11:56am
hmm seeing all those 5.25" expansions, do you actually need them? (all those usbs, optical drive etc..) - I'd prefer some decent usb external solutions, since it's more convenient to have the choice of placing them where you need, and not within the PC case, and without required "open" 5.25" expansions, you might consider some acoustically-treated yet nice looking case, like this FractalDesign Define R6 Blackout TG maybe :) seeing the external drive, you might want a generic usb-sata enclosure and pick whatever hdd/ssd you'd wish - it would be easier to replace/upgrade in future
Jan 14th 2019 12:03pm
about the motherboard choice, great thing I love about ASUS mobos is their ability to configure and control non-PWM fans to dynamically adjust speeds, all done via nice graphical interface either in BIOS, or from Windows using AI Suite app :)
Jan 14th 2019 1:33pm
Too bad that ASUS is badly overpriced and not worth the money at all.. VRMs are shiat compared to Gigabyte at the same price-range.
Jan 14th 2019 3:21pm
are you stuck on a GSync monitor or wiuld you consider one with Freesync after Nvidia's announcement. I just got one of these and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
Jan 16th 2019 7:01am
Eh, no not necessarily all of it, I just like having the option. But as for the Blu-ray and a multi-card reader, I actually do intend to use it for some projects and movies collection. No doubt that case is very good at what it's intended for but it looks a mid-tower. And I'm looking for a full tower with at least two 5.25" bay. Regarding the motherboard; I'm sorta being a sucker for brands now, which no one should ever be but here I am considering something clearly inferior (durability wise) and paying more for less. But the hell with it, got any good GIGABYTE mobos around the same price point? I do plan on extensive OC on GPU & CPU when all is said and done.
Jan 16th 2019 7:04am
Also, @Sm0k3d0ut that monitor looks very good thank you for sharing that. It's perfect! Now I don't have to waste $600 for a 1440p 160hz monitor. And I'd have to look into what you referenced (Nvidia's announcement). Should be an interesting read.
Jan 16th 2019 3:47pm
looks good but if your concerned about storage of stuff (if its important that is) and file transferring why not go with a nas its super fast for transferring and its in raid 1 so it also protects data trust me it really helps when your pulling stuff off and your hitting gigabit speeds close to 100megabytes/ps
Jan 16th 2019 4:03pm
I totally agree with @Wolfe1924. Building a NAS is my next project when I can get some money together.
Jan 17th 2019 9:09am
Ohhh, I didn't think of a NAS system, thanks for the suggestions that sounds good, actually!
Jan 17th 2019 11:31am
NAS is great, I prefer buy finished product (got Synology DS 918+ almost year ago), but there is even a way to install Synology DSM on own hardware by simple hack
Jan 17th 2019 2:48pm
Thanks, I'm getting the DS218+. 24tb sounds enough for what I do :) Building a NAS would be fun, but I don't want to mess around on which OS would be proficient for the task.
Jan 17th 2019 4:24pm
I went for 4-drive NAS, so I can have 3/4 usable capacity with 1-disk failure tolerance, definitely worth it over 2-drive NAS
Jan 18th 2019 1:52am
for Nas OS I was going to with FreeNas or Unraid. I'm leaning more towards Unraid