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Looks like we have a fan on Hardocp. :D Site is getting more exposure
Jan 16th 2019 1:02am
I've noticed more GD exposure lately as well, RandomGamingInHD on YouTube also shouted the site out in one of his latest videos, he's got quite a big sub count, so we may see some new arrivals :D
Jan 16th 2019 1:30pm
Interesting times ahead. :)
Jan 16th 2019 3:49pm
that's awesome and yeah I seen randomhd gaming talk about it to and I got a glimpse of his profile name hahah
Jan 28th 2019 4:49am
What Video of his has him checking out Game Debate in it?
Jan 28th 2019 9:28am
Jan 28th 2019 10:49am
Got a small question. Was there ever a GD game stream on YT?
Jan 28th 2019 1:16pm
Haven't seen one, maybe I missed it, but I'm almost certain there wasn't any.
Jan 28th 2019 9:42pm
Would be interesting to have one, maybe on the weekends? It certainly would help the site to grow more.