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So I lost my Windows 10 product key, is there any way to view it on Windows 10 alone? I've tried finding it through CMD but I could only find the Product ID which is something different. I'm having W10 issues and want to do a fresh reinstall but, obviously I don't have the product key. Any help?
Jan 20th 2019 3:44pm
If you haven't changed your hardware then you can install Win10, skip the key and the installation should then activate automatically afterwards once done. Mine did anyway. MS creates a hardware ID that's tied to your key. At least I don't personally need to type in my keys when I reinstall.
Jan 20th 2019 6:15pm
Have you tried looking for software like this?
Jan 20th 2019 11:46pm
Jan 21st 2019 5:27am
Thank you guys for the link I'll check em out later today. Xquatrox thank you, I'll give that a try but not until I can at least get the product key in case it doesn't go right.
Jan 21st 2019 2:23pm
I am with Quatro, my key is also tied to my setup.. I over bought a key and it was scammed anyway.. but I was saved by a hardware tied key, I was relieved a lot :D
Jan 22nd 2019 5:14am
you can also just reactivate with another serial without using software. i can sent you the simple way to do that in a private message
Jan 26th 2019 6:14pm
@PCEGamer If you're key is locked to your motherboard and you are changing out your board you can always contact Microsoft as well as long as you have the key for it because for my cousins system his key was locked to his board and when i contacted MS for him they enabled they key for his new system.