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Youtube isn't meant for me. It's not working out. I quit.
Jan 25th 2019 10:18am
Sorry to hear mate. Wish you luck on your other projects. :)
Jan 25th 2019 8:25pm
Thanks for helping me quit
Jan 26th 2019 3:19pm
You going to going back to game development?
Jan 26th 2019 7:36pm
Never stopped doing game development.
Jan 27th 2019 11:36pm
How's it progressing?
Jan 28th 2019 7:20am
Please don't ask. >.> It ain't going smoothly. But i am learning. And slowly progressing.
Jan 28th 2019 10:49am
I'm rooting for you mate.
Jan 28th 2019 8:16pm