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so Microsoft is finishing preparations of Microsoft 365 consumer subscriptions, also aggregating PC and console gaming into subscription service....really creepy
Jan 25th 2019 8:26pm
Lol it won't work. At least for now. Just like everything Microsft has been doing recently cough Windows 10
Jan 25th 2019 9:51pm
it won't? it already does with Adobe, it already does with Office 365, it already does with Spotify....
Jan 25th 2019 10:21pm
True. I just got mixed up with the cloud and subscription services.
Jan 26th 2019 3:22am
Did Adobe, Office 365 or Spotify have any real competitors when they went with this model ? Also, weren't they kind of so huge that they were almost monopolies, so they could do it and not fail. Why this might fail is because of Steam, GOG, Uplay, Epic Store, etc
Jan 26th 2019 3:30am
Also, why it might fail is the abysmal Windows 10 update debacle. And the Microsoft Store. But it could work, since working examples like Humble Store and Xbox Live exist.
Jan 26th 2019 10:52am
Windows 10 doesn't really have any competitors yet, and Microsoft is not dumb to miss the chance to push forward services, so even if future would mean no Windows, people still would be heavily addicted to software and cloud features of Microsoft, it's no coincidence Microsoft finally buried Windows Phone and end is scheduled to December 2019 - they simply realized they can generate much more money just selling Office and OneDrive instead, and let users pick their platform (be it iOS or Android) and pretty much same could happen with gaming platform overall - they might actually push Store forward that much people might actually start using it, just not essentially under Windows or XBOX, that is future Microsoft has been planning
Jan 26th 2019 7:36pm
The store is still really bad. Still doesn't have many apps or games.
Jan 31st 2019 1:19pm
smirks at my Win10 LTSC Come get me... ;)
Jan 31st 2019 8:26pm
Jan 31st 2019 8:41pm
is the LTSC good? I'm still on LTSB, 1607 I think
Feb 1st 2019 4:27am
Yeah it's basically the same version but with updated features. It doesn't have any of that UWP stuff.
Feb 1st 2019 6:38am
Updated features wah wah ?
Feb 1st 2019 9:39am
The same stuff. Game Mode. Timeline. You know. LTSC did come out for Redstone 5 aka 1809 so yeah.