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It's time that we all switch to Firefox. Google will block ad blockers. They will monopolize as much as possible and this is just the start of their evil story. This is the link to Firefox Nightly.
Jan 26th 2019 3:22pm
Currently using Opera and Vivaldi, but since they are both based on chromium I'm unsure as to how that will affect them. Also I thought about another option. Would it be possible that GD gets paid by The Brave browser if it's registered in the add section?
Jan 26th 2019 4:46pm
wonder how Brave browser will work then xD
Jan 26th 2019 7:37pm
Since all those browsers use Chromium, they too will support the blocking of adblockers.
Jan 27th 2019 11:35pm
Any way that can be edited out of chromium?
Jan 28th 2019 4:46am
No problem here as I have been using FireFox for years now. I never trusted Google and never will
Jan 28th 2019 7:21am
I don't think so. Google will make it so that it won't be easily changed. Even if you go to chrome://flags
Jan 28th 2019 10:46am
Anybody know if there's a firefox add-on to mirror videos you watch on YT or other sites in a small window while surfing the web?
Jan 28th 2019 8:23pm
Yeah there's this Also Magic Actions doesn't update on Firefox. I dunno why. I use Iridium instead
Jan 28th 2019 10:35pm
I'll give it a shot thx.
Jan 29th 2019 5:18am
You're welcome.