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I don't care what anyone says, RTX is freaking awesome!
Jan 26th 2019 4:35pm
Jan 27th 2019 12:46am
It appears some don't like the meme on Imgur lol
Jan 27th 2019 4:28am
there one up from me, not like it means anything
Jan 27th 2019 2:57pm
ay thanks
Jan 28th 2019 6:28pm
Holy crap, it does actually look amazing! I just tried it on my PC and it plays well. There are some graphical bugs that the dev still needs to polish if he has the time, but other than that - it really does look stellar. Crap old shaders, but the light.... O_O
Jan 28th 2019 6:36pm
lmfao xD
Jan 28th 2019 6:37pm
I need to figure out whether this Quake engine will work with a texture mod or something like that. It has the potential to look epic :D
Jan 28th 2019 11:32pm
That framerate though.
Feb 1st 2019 8:28pm
Yeah I put it there