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easy man i canot find all your comments to upvote y to lower those downvotes, people just dont know to debate here they just like or hate
Jan 28th 2019 11:34pm
yeah, so it seems. And they so easily get offended and start interpreting what you say/write in their own twisted negative way, putting intentions and meaning behind it that are not there and basically putting words and actions into other people's mouths, or in this case texts. :/ Thanks for the support.
Jan 28th 2019 11:36pm
or they just hate opinions that differ from their own... and take it so personally... like damn and all I want are debates.
Jan 29th 2019 2:09am
last time i tryed to have a normal debate it didnt end up well so i am not trying to anymore
Jan 29th 2019 6:42pm
How sad this little conversation is. Two people disconnected from the world brooding how they're not appreciated when their views are radical and confrontational for the only reason of being so. Echo chamber folk.
Jan 29th 2019 6:43pm
Can't stand to receive criticism. Any and all sources of those are labeled as offended or misinterpreted without ever taking a look if you're maybe the one in the wrong.
Jan 29th 2019 6:45pm
You wouldn't know what a debate is if it struck you in the face. You don't debate because you think you're simply never wrong and know everything.
Jan 29th 2019 6:46pm
That's the first thing you need to rid of it you want to have a proper discussion. But you don't and wont, because admiring you're wrong is against your feeble little ego you built around yourself.
Jan 29th 2019 6:51pm
I love being criticized, otherwise, I wouldn't be posting to no end. And most people have become pussies in the past years no doubt about that. And I want a debate to strike me in the face, I mean that's what a debate is for... I mean you get the definition of cluttered wrong now debate... come on dude google is a dictionary... let's use the language that everybody has agreed upon correctly. You need to understand that not everybody conforms and agrees for the sake of conformity... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 6:52pm
no our problem is not that we are not appreciated nor we need to be its just that people here dont know to debate they just start screaming if y dont agree with them
Jan 29th 2019 6:54pm
You don't like being criticized. You just practically called everyone who does so a pussy. You need to realize that last part, not me. You're a conformist to the opposite, nothing else.
Jan 29th 2019 6:55pm
For a guy who prides on your "logic" you really seem to lack a lot of it.
Jan 29th 2019 6:56pm
Is there a block or a ghost function on this site? So it hides comments and messages from specific users? I really cant' stand to listen to another lie you say.
Jan 29th 2019 6:57pm
Hmmm... no, I'm calling people that are trying to turn a debate into something personal that I don't give a crap, pussies, just because they don't like strong opinions and arguments that are hard to prove wrong with just conformity and attempts of indoctrination... Just because they won't accept the opposite unless it's from a first party source, someone with authority, good public perception and a good person... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:01pm
You are a f*cking moron. Sorry but you just are. Strong opinions? Hard to prove wrong arguments? FROM YOU? I've not laughed this hard I don't remember how long ago.
Jan 29th 2019 7:01pm
You've not provided a single argument with proper backing which wasn't just you conjecture, experience or what you wish was true.
Jan 29th 2019 7:03pm
You are a joke. You're not the authority on anything because you believe you know everything. No one is going to accept an opinion from a person who believes they're better than everyone else.
Jan 29th 2019 7:04pm
From a person who seems to know everything, it's strange you dont seem to know that. First party sources, authority, and good people actually have a proper backing. You never do.
Jan 29th 2019 7:05pm
You're just a kid who thinks his head is larger than the universe itself. That's pretty much it. That's pretty much you.
Jan 29th 2019 7:07pm
Point and case... And I was wrong about only one thing and that is that 4A wasn't paid to make the game exclusive, which in all fairness is my bad, but how am I supposed to know when they only stated that on their small channel... Come on prove me wrong... you can't. all you say are subjective statements... oh people like it, or oh it's like this because it's better... that is flawed logic... Usually, in this world, things are like people with perceived by people power which transcends into real power due to that, like them to be... The correct, right and good things aren't the norms or standard... the force-fed things are, what governments, rich people, people of perceived power, marketing, psychological exploitation and manipulation decide them to be... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:12pm
You're right. I can't prove you wrong. Your arguments are built on a fantasy. Fantasy cannot be proven wrong because it never existed in the first place. You got me there. Good job.
Jan 29th 2019 7:12pm
I don't stand for that. I don't agree for the sake of conformity, just because everybody else says so and likes it so... That's like if the people of the past who tried to prove that the earth is round but weren't listened to just because they were perceived as idiots and witches of all things, conformed to the masses that said that the earth is flat just so that they didn't get burned at the stake... won't happen.
Jan 29th 2019 7:16pm
Well, you have to prove that something doesn't exist first, but everything I said does exist... -_- Except that 4A wasn't paid, again my bad. Thanks to steam we no longer own our games and they are tied to an Account and/or DRM. Thanks to steam being a monopoly they could do whatever they wanted to... Steam is the only platform that almost all developers collectively just decided that they won't lower the prices of their games only on there, because of logic... Epic being a competition to steam is a great thing. Potential more discounts and business competition has always(99,9%) been good for people. Fact... Most of Steam's features are crappy., so is their customer support and service.. -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:17pm
You disagree just for the sake of being different, but being different doesn't mean you're right. Earth was proven round back in ancient Greece. Church tried to make people think that Earth was flat, but they failed.
Jan 29th 2019 7:19pm
People did not conform to that because they knew it wasn't true. I find it strange that you don't think the Earth is flat considering pretty much everyone knows its round.
Jan 29th 2019 7:26pm
Steam popularized digital stores, didn't invent them. You also have to thank PSN and XBOX store for making DRM possible, they grew side by side with Steam.
Jan 29th 2019 7:26pm
Steam regularly has sales, minor and occasionally major ones. Why developers aren't lowering thier prices there as you claim is simply not know.
Jan 29th 2019 7:26pm
But it's also not fit for conjecture because there's simply not enough information to make such a claim. Any point you make on that comes from your own head.
Jan 29th 2019 7:26pm
And you aren't Steam nor those developers, therefore you don't know. Doesn't stop you from acting like you do though. Epic being a competition is a great thing, that is correct.
Jan 29th 2019 7:26pm
Most of Steam features being crappy is a subjective opinion from you. Not a written fact. Subjective opinions are not arguments and cannot be ones.
Jan 29th 2019 7:30pm
I don't disagree for the sake of being different, that would be retarded... And the Greeks proved it for themselves and that's. And the church failed to convince people that the earth if flat? Tell that to those who died trying to prove to them that the earth is round... -_- You just don't fathom the importance of owning your own software... -_- That's why I'm also against subscriptions for work software like the AutoCAD ones... I want to buy it and own it, not be forced to pay monthly for it, paying to have access to it. Steam is the same except it's not monthly payments... One of your arguments was that having many clients is a bother... so you prefer a monopoly over an icon, a double click and a couple more seconds spent... How is that a serious argument...
Jan 29th 2019 7:33pm
Or that it's convenient to be digital, tied to a DRM and account, compared to what? Ordering a game and it arriving on the same day or the next day that would also be cheaper than on steam? Really? So your ownership and ability to do whatever you please and having to get off the chair to walk to your front door or mailbox is worse? Come on... how are these serious arguments... Are you 500kilograms and can't walk or something, I'd understand if that is the case, but I'm pretty sure if they ring on the door you can say come in, here is your money, goodbye... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:34pm
Yes it is, so why do you constantly do it? I'm pretty sure we all believe the Earth is round today, therefore the Church failed. I do fathom the importance of ownership, but I treasure time much more.
Jan 29th 2019 7:35pm
And convenience saves time. That's why I simply prefer everything being in the same place. It saves me time therefore I have more to spend somewhere else.
Jan 29th 2019 7:35pm
Do you not understand the severity of things... -_- Like if people didn't own their cars and houses/apartments they would riot... the principle is the same, just on a smaller scale... though to be frank could be just as expensive :D
Jan 29th 2019 7:36pm
You see, here you're putting words into my mind. I never said I like monopoly. I am a consumer and I'll buy what suits me the most. That's pretty much it.
Jan 29th 2019 7:38pm
It is convenient to be digital. I'm sad to admit that, but it simply is. If I were to order a physical copy it'd cost 10-20% more than on Steam. If I were to buy it personally I'd have to travel 4 hours to the nearest city with a game store
Jan 29th 2019 7:39pm
What time does it save if you? Ordering a game takes as long as buying it online, but instead of getting it then and there you get it a little later and then you do what you would be doing after you stopped playing the game if you would have gotten it digitally, before you get it physically. Also again, does NOT have to be physical. Give me a link with no account and DRM tied to it, I'm fine... hell saves time, no DRM to be downloaded, no account to be created and written. Saving time right? Also, back on DRMs, considering that DRM stores launch with the OS, you will literary not save almost any time after you've installed them all compared to having just one... and you can install them in parallel, so I think you can take 5 more minutes of your precious time... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:39pm
Many people don't own their houses nor their apartments. Most have a landlord, a person who owns that place and leases it to them. I'm lucky to live in a small town and am able to actually afford my place.
Jan 29th 2019 7:41pm
DRM stores launch with the OS if I want them to. I don't like clutter. I don't like stuff running in the background which isn't necessary for my current line of work.
Jan 29th 2019 7:42pm
There are 2 things which start with my PC, my AV and Open Hardware Monitor so I can keep track on temperature and whatnot.
Jan 29th 2019 7:42pm
Local store games are 95% of the time cheaper than on steam... IDK what you are on about... Local store game prices actually fall down with time, usually, they start dropping a couple months after the release of a game, regardless of how successful it is and you can order from these stores to be delivered to you... I didn't say you like the monopoly, I said that you preferred to have a monopoly so that you didn't have to at the very worst double click once more and take a couple of minutes to install another digital store again worst case scenario.
Jan 29th 2019 7:43pm
I have never seen a physical copy of a PC game back when they existed, which was cheaper than Steam version. Never. And me ordering them would cost even more.
Jan 29th 2019 7:44pm
You are in a special case situation my friend because that's not the case here where I live. Local prices fall down with time just as Steam starts placing them on sales.
Jan 29th 2019 7:45pm
You hate so much when people put words in your mouth, so why do you constantly keep doing it to me? I guess double standards and all that right? It's good for you but bad for me so it's ok?
Jan 29th 2019 7:48pm
My OS on startup runs steam, origin, epic,, Teamspeak, Skype, discord, java, google chrome, task manager, speedfan, autocad, visual studio, lightshot, spotify, onedrive, color detection tool, three torrents and a few other things on launch. I myself had concerns of slowing down my system... I could NOT measure the difference in boot speed(would mean a second or less of a difference), they launch before the windows login animations finish... Then while I play games I usually host a variety of servers, minecraft server for my brother and his friends, along with databases and web pages for my projects and I have not had a problem with my gaming experience whatsoever.
Jan 29th 2019 7:50pm
Good for you. But I'm pretty sure that you know that your case doesn't apply to everyone else. Or do you?
Jan 29th 2019 7:51pm
Also, everything is well organized and far away from clutter, except for my desktop which is a clutter not because of my programs, but because of text files, books, pictures and crap that I just save there and organize when I run out of space. I have not seen steam to be cheaper than in local/online stores with some very few exceptions and delivery is free, like wtf... And again, no need for it to be physical just give me a link with the game I've purchased and don't make me tie it to an account and DRM and I'm a happy guy... Make it peer to peer in case their original servers go down and boom, happy campers for days... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 7:52pm
I didn't put words in your mouth. I stated that steam was a monopoly and Epic is great. You stated that it's not worth it, because you have to click a few more times and get another FREE launcher... so obviously you prefer it for steam to be the only one...
Jan 29th 2019 7:55pm
Well considering that there are no more physical games for PC and they are literary steam games, boxes with steam codes you are probably referring to them not getting cheaper, I'm not... I'm referring to console games in past and present and PC games in the past... Obviously, the Steam boxed code games are not going to fall down in price, unless they underperform like crap...
Jan 29th 2019 7:57pm
I was referring to PC games in the past, pretty much what "back when they existed" means if you didn't catch that. But I kinda doubt you didn't.
Jan 29th 2019 7:58pm
But why are you referring to console games, when this is a discussion about Steam? I don't buy console games, I don't own console games, and this is not a discussion about console games and their prices? Is it?
Jan 29th 2019 7:59pm
But please, keep going. Keep telling me how my experience is constantly wrong because you had it differently. Because that always seems to be what you do.
Jan 29th 2019 8:01pm
And this is pretty much what I'm talking about. Your experience is different from other people, therefore everyone is wrong. Don't you know that we, and most people here don't live in the same country?
Jan 29th 2019 8:01pm
Laws and taxes, import taxes and everything in between doesn't apply to all of us the same. Prices depend on the place you live in.
Jan 29th 2019 8:02pm
Not on your country alone.
Jan 29th 2019 8:07pm
Well, the same games that are on steam are cheaper on consoles(again physically), I have to go to cd-key sites to match prices on 3rd party games for consoles... and people do buy them a lot physically... And fine for you physical it was more expensive, then let's go to digital. Digital without an Account and without DRM... so that you own your games... Like physical, but digital... -_- Why aren't you for that, why aren't people for that? You know owning their game...
Jan 29th 2019 8:07pm
Also by owning their apartment and car I mean that nobody has the right to take it from them just because they saw fit, or at all as long as they have met the payment... Steam can erase your account from existence just like that... they have every possible excuse in the book that might be legit and you can't prove that you own anything as all receipts, emails, etc, etc can be faked, they have to slowly go through the bank and try and figure out things there... And imagine that on a large scale... -_-
Jan 29th 2019 8:14pm
That doesn't matter. We're not talking about prices between PC games and Console games. That's not the point, nor the discussion nor what this argument is about. It serves no purpose apart from being a distraction from the topic.
Jan 29th 2019 8:16pm
I would like a digital store as you prefer, but that'd be a hard sell to people with a one time purchase and no subsequent support or anything tied to that. That'd be a hard sell for me too.
Jan 29th 2019 8:17pm
I don't mind tying my account to a service and GOG does pretty much what you said with the added fact your have an account. Once you download a game from there you own it until you delete it from your system.
Jan 29th 2019 8:18pm
Landowners have a right to evict you from your residence, and they pretty much don't need any solid reason for them to do so. They can pretty much come up with anything at it'll most probably fly because they own the place.
Jan 29th 2019 8:19pm
Steam probably won't erase your account just like that, not unless you've done something terribly, terribly wrong. And if you have any purchase you've bought is easily traced to your CC so it'd be easy to prove ownership.
Jan 29th 2019 8:21pm
If GoG went peer to peer and didn't require you to download them from their services/servers then I'd be on board with them, as long as you have to rely entirely on their servers then I'm against them. On top of multiplayer games going through their services/servers(Galaxy) as always... So that's like steam, or GameSpy and so on... which is always bad. I think there are a couple of old games ones without galaxy but still.
Jan 29th 2019 8:22pm
old multiplayer* games without Galaxy.
Jan 29th 2019 8:27pm
damn this is one long discusion what is the subjec of it actually, and calm down guys why do y need to talk to eacthother like the other one is some idiot
Jan 29th 2019 8:33pm
DRMs, Epic vs Steam, convinience of DRMs vs ownership of games, games being on only one DRM with a monopoly against many drm without a monopoly. DRM free games and solutions... Hmm.. basically the same thing as on the Exodus exclusive to Epic blog, but here it's much better due to not having to search like crazy for each other's comments, though we continued here somewhat not on purpose. XD