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heya friends, quick question, need your honest opinion, would my GTX 980 Ti handle 3440x1440 100+Hz gaming, mostly older games, OR should I consider gfx upgrade
Jan 29th 2019 12:23pm
I think it should handle it no problem, strictly talking older games of course (may be some exceptions), since my brothers 960 can handle most older games at Max settings @1080p with around 60fps, a 980 Ti shouldn't break a sweat at 1440p and 100+. But if you will decide to get a new gfx card, I'd gladly take the 980 off your hands ;D
Jan 29th 2019 12:49pm
I remember playing The Witcher III I barely topped 60fps at 2560x1440, so with roughly 1/3 more pixels frames could drop (BUT G-Sync might help a lot with perceived smoothness eventually?)
Jan 29th 2019 12:50pm
@Dan987000 actually some guy is selling 1080 Ti FTW3 in my town quarter, so IF you have a visit here so I can give you 980 Ti into your hands, then perhaps yea why not xD
Jan 29th 2019 1:09pm
Yeah, TW3 tanks hardware on higher settings, I'm on his PC right now, and he's running med-high getting 50-60fps. Most other games however have no problem running maxxed at 1080p, so if you're aiming for any older games it should be fine, G- Sync should really help with noticeable smoothness+TW3's frame timing is spot on, allowing me to play it on my old lappy pretty much flawlessly despite a relatively low fps count. That's a tempting offer...I'd do the trip to Prague on one fuel tank :D Out of curiosity, how much Czech rupees would You want for it?
Jan 29th 2019 1:20pm
you mean CZK? no idea, paid around 20 000,- for new, still have the box and complete accessories, would sell it only IF I got something better and also my brother would want upgrade from GTX 770 I gave him before xD
Jan 29th 2019 1:22pm
back to topic though, I wanna play some classic games at ultrawide (especially racing and strategies, to see if ultrawide really gives some advantage and immersion), heavily leaning towards DELL AW3418DW, probably purchase within 2 months - do you think I should keep an eye on other monitors or is this one the ultimate choice?
Jan 29th 2019 1:46pm
980 still rocks.....i would bring my old 980m 3k laptop out of retirement, but I have to fix its bad power connector problem first....else I would be still gaming on it.
Jan 29th 2019 1:57pm
Depending on what You want out of it, there's a few very good options, the Dell You mentioned, but also the: ASUS ROG SWIFT Curved PG348Q Acer Predator X34P LG 34GK950G-B All very good choices, similar specs, and different price points, I'm not sure, but the LG seems to be the only one with a matte display, might be helpful ;)
Jan 29th 2019 5:37pm
hmm I've checked the ASUS and ACER ones, cost roughly same as DELL and seem a bit worse in every aspect, haven't noticed the LG one yet (looks good tho!), costs roughly 30% more than DELL, probably not a deal for me such way
Jan 29th 2019 5:45pm
Yeah the Asus and Acer models are a little more budget orientated, the prices are various depending on location. The LG's price varies as well, from 1399$ in the US, and almost 2k$ in Poland, so it depends:D
Jan 29th 2019 5:50pm
yes gtx 980 ti 6gb.
Jan 30th 2019 10:12am
Hey, dude! The performance will depend on how much "older" are the games you want to play, exactly, and what settings you want out of them. You're already struggling with Witcher 3 from 2015 and that will not change, only get worse. Forget ultra settings for sure. If you're talking about e-sports titles - then yeah, should have no problem. G-Sync helps for things to "look" smooth, since stuttering and tearing are removed (for the most part - stuttering when things load will still absolutely happen!), but 30-40fps causes considerable input lag no matter what. Well, unless you stopped using the mouse and became a controller scrub, as well as an Apple scrub xD
Jan 30th 2019 10:15am
Shots fired!
Jan 30th 2019 10:17am
The short answer is that for that ultrawide screen and "100+ Hz gaming" you will absolutely need a new GPU if you want to play newer games. And how much "older" or "newer" is exactly? Witcher 3 was 2015, so you tell me. It's 100% not the most demanding game out there, I can tell you that much. Or drop settings... 2 suggestions if you want to make a smart move: 1) Use DSR to set a 30% or so higher resolution on games you will be playing (30% is 30% no matter the aspect ratio). See if you hit a 60. Monitor the GPU usage for a given framerate and do some math to figure out if the GPU can manage 100fps. 2) Buy the screen first, test, buy a new GPU later once you KNOW how things run.
Jan 30th 2019 10:21am
I guess you also need to be mindful of the fact that CPUs play a role in all this too. Older CPUs and lower clocks mean lower minimum framerates regardless of your GPU (you could be rocking a 2080Ti SLI and still having low fps!). Not a biggie for 60Hz gaming at all, but rare is a game that I can actually play at my screen's refresh rate (165Hz)...mostly Source engine games and games that are light on the graphics :D
Jan 30th 2019 10:58am
Think you'd need an upgrade. Even at standard 1440p, Ultra detail, lots of games didn't give more than 80fps on the 980ti. Example Battlefield 4 - 75fps. Far Cry 4 - 70fps. GTA V - 80fps. Crysis 3 - 80fps. Metro Last Light - 75fps. The Witcher 3 - 60fps. Tomb Raider - 85fps Bioshock Infinite - 100fps. Batman Arkham Origins - 150 fps. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor - 85fps. Civilization Beyond Earth - 115fps. Dragon Age Inquisition - 75fps. The Talos Principle - 95fps. GRID Autosport - 120fps.
Jan 30th 2019 11:18am
More benchmarks here - (most recent, too) Can have gains from driver updates and overclocking from 10-20 fps. Is possible to get 100+fps but you'll probably have to turn down the detail settings for some games.
Jan 30th 2019 11:59am
@xquatrox those 2 points you mentioned, that's exactly what I'm planning to try first, glad to see my assumptions aren't off; that Apple thingy, well fact is, G-Sync is supported in MacOS, nVidia cards aren't in latest MacOS, and all G-Sync monitors have only 1 G-Sync compatible DisplayPort input, so in all fairness I would heavily lean towards Windows 10 for gaming anyway, on the other hand running hackintosh with Win10 dualboot means I can take "full advantage" of G-Sync without physically replugging video cable between 2 rigs; my 5820K at 4.3GHz shouldn't be a bottleneck just yet, what troubles me is the fact 2080Ti is mostly out of stock (aside from price which is not nice either), I'm willing to pay for really nice gfx card, so right now only choice seems to be EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 which is no longer available in stores, and I wonder if that is worthy step up from my current EVGA 980 Ti Classified? @thecookiemonster of the games you mentioned, I really hated GRID Autosport, but would gladly play GRID2 or older GRID Racedriver - those for ex. run rock solid at max framerate already with my setup, so I guess it really depends what games I would actually want to play, will need to rethink that as well; thx for resource links, will check em out!
Jan 30th 2019 12:01pm
basically I wonder how bad 980 Ti would handle 3440x1440 and how much better gpu should I later seek for, AND if the G-Sync isn't waste of money if AMD would throw some serious competitors to nVidia's RTX series (given the fact AMD cards are supported in MacOS out of the box)
Jan 30th 2019 12:04pm
because right now AMD's top-end Vega 64 performs roughly same as OC'ed 980 Ti in Witcher 3 which is really awkward, so in case I would go FreeSync and AMD later (since 980 Ti is aging anyway) it might be a worthy option?
Jan 30th 2019 12:22pm
Well, if you're going to do any graphics work on the PC and you're gonna do it on MacOS - then AMD is probably the better pick for you because of Apple's arbitrary constraints. Since I do my professional work on Windows - an Nvidia card with CUDA is an absolute no-brainer. And the same stands for gaming, if you want the best (and you already mentioned that you are willing to pay for a nice card). Nvidia cards now support FreeSync too, in case you missed that bit, so in theory you have more options. In reality - the nicest screens are all still G-Sync. For now.
Jan 30th 2019 12:28pm
Now a 1080Ti averages around 30% better than a 980Ti (some games gaining 10%, some 40%, most being around 25-33% mark). But consider that you're gonna be bogging it back down to the same level as your 980Ti with the resolution increase of the new screen. This is where, if you want the framerate bump, you may want to consider going higher. A 2080Ti, if you can bear the price, since a 2080 isn't particularly much faster than a 1080Ti. Alternatively, you may want to wait until Vega VII comes out as it seems to potentially rival the 2080, though that's all "leaks and rumors" for now, with some "leaks" suggesting that this won't happen.
Jan 30th 2019 12:33pm
Your CPU won't be an obvious bottleneck for sure, but I can say with a straight face that my 5960X isn't letting my 2080Tis sing the way they should. And my CPU is both clocked higher AND has more cores. By the way, since my second card is on a RMA trip, I will give Witcher 3 a whirl and see what kind of performance I'm getting with a single 2080Ti at 1440p. My game is heavily modded for graphical fidelity and with two cards I still managed to play at 5K at 80-100fps, so I expect a single card at 1440p to be no slouch (though there are always engine problems and CPU bottlenecks - I've personally seen places where I can get 140fps at 720p AND 1440p, much like I did in FarCry 4 and 5)
Jan 30th 2019 12:47pm
hmm so I guess it really comes down to one question - is it worth getting G-Sync 3440x1440 screen or not - because same res. IPS Freesync screen is lower refresh rate, and same res. but inferior VA offers same refresh rate, so in your opinion @xquatrox is it worth it going for G-Sync ultrawide screen first, regarding all the points mentioned in this thread?
Jan 30th 2019 1:14pm
I really can't answer this question, because what you want and what you do is different from mine. If I were to get an ultrawide now - I'd be getting one of those new 4K ultrawides, not the 1440p ultrawide. I don't need an UW screen, but let's assume I do. But I would: 1) Upgrade the resolution, because I already own a 1440p display 2) Buy a screen that I can safely fall back to at native res on a single GPU for gaming at high refresh rates - SLI doesn't always work and some games are not great to play at 4K due to lower fps. I feel like 1440p is a good spot, 4K is not yet there.
Jan 30th 2019 1:17pm
If you feel like you need an ultrawide - go for it. I personally prefer multiple displays for work anyway. For gaming - an ultrawide would be cool, I suppose. I haven't tried one, so I don't know. Curved displays are kinda fending me off because I feel like you'd need to be looking at a very specific angle, dead-straight, to make sure your lines are straight, since the screen curves - and I work with graphics. Maybe I'm dreaming and this isn't an issue. Who knows. Plus, I find that 140-165Hz is a hell of a lot smoother than 75-100Hz, naturally, and ultrawides don't offer those refresh rates (well, not that I'm aware anyway, but it certainly wasn't the case when I was buying new screens).
Jan 30th 2019 1:24pm
It's not really our job to decide what to buy, in all honesty. Your money, your desires, your decisions. I could have been juuust fine with my 1080Tis for a few more years, but I wanted something better, I'm a pixel peeper, I had the money to spend and so I went for the 2080Tis. If buying a new screen and a new GPU will make you happy and give you joy working and playing games - absolutely go for it. If you feel like that cash can be spent on something that will give you a better experience (travel, something for the house, etc) - go for that.
Jan 30th 2019 1:26pm
hmm thx for insight, I'm trying to find some compromise for productivity and games, so to me 3440x1440 around 100Hz seems like sweetspot, speaking of even higher refresh rates, there's much bigger difference 60->100 than 100->140 as those are fractions in second, considering I'm used to 60 or even less, the change would be huge for me already; as you write upgrade from 1440p, going from 2560 to 3440 isn't that shabby (given the fact scaling for bigger resolution of same dimension screen is far from perfect yet, plus as you say gfx cards aren't really that ready for smooth 4K yet), and I do really need only one screen, as I need to fit my speakers in equal distance triangle if possible
Jan 30th 2019 2:32pm
Oh the 100Hz is absolutely an upgrade. I personally even notice when a screen at work drops my 75Hz overclock back to 60Hz - quite jarring, actually. But I could easily tell 100Hz from 140Hz too - the jump is quite large there as well.