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It's official. I've been on Game Debate for over 4 years now. Holy shiii time goes so fast!
Feb 1st 2019 1:04pm
Lovely to have you here dear fellow. Heres to another 4 years ;)
Feb 1st 2019 3:27pm
Congrats! This 20th Jan for me, 6 years.
Feb 1st 2019 3:46pm
Same here^ 4th of January marks 6 years on GD for me. Grats on your 4th GD anniversary man :D
Feb 1st 2019 9:03pm
Thanks everyone! I'm glad to be apart of this amazing website and community! ^^
Feb 2nd 2019 9:08am
Haha some real old timers in the house. Love it. Makes me very proud. Thank you guys
Feb 2nd 2019 10:50am
Best site on the Internet.
Feb 2nd 2019 8:04pm
Agreed! I wonder when there will be a new wave of new comers on the site. Would be nice to see.
Feb 2nd 2019 9:35pm
I get a few friend requests from 10 - 20 ppl per month sometimes so the site is still growing. Don't know how many of them are active per month tho. It would certainly help if the streaming thing would become a weekly or to ask a known YT person to mention the site.
Feb 3rd 2019 6:28am