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Anyone know of a cheap cube mITX case? Within the $60 price range?
Feb 2nd 2019 12:34pm
hands off totally best mini-ITX case is Fractal Design Node 304, little more expensive but totally worth it :) here's my older rig built on that case
Feb 2nd 2019 4:37pm
Hmmm, I'm looking for something more compact than that. Luckily I looked up on eBay and found something more what I was looking for; Silverstone Tek Plastic/SECC Mini-ITX Computer Case for $58. I plan on also adding Noctua case fan & CPU cooler. I have an i3 8100 currently with an ASROCK H370M I was gonna get a GTX 1060 3gb, but soon after the RTX 2060 mini came out I opted for that instead, the only thing now is that I'm sure that i3 will bottleneck on some applications/games which is why for an upgrade I'll get an i5 8600K.
Feb 2nd 2019 4:52pm
something more compact??!! :D then you will need very compact graphics card and power supply too
Feb 2nd 2019 5:41pm
yup! got all ready! :D
Feb 3rd 2019 6:30pm here is cube case for under 40.00 bucks I have one so I know this case is good
Feb 3rd 2019 6:31pm
and be honest not gunna find small case for under 60 bucks this is closest you come
Feb 3rd 2019 6:32pm
and it is Motherboard Compatibility Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX