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I love the new changes being made to GD. It looks really nice.
Feb 1st 2019 10:07pm
Aww thanks buddy. Lots of cool stuff coming in over the coming days/weeks. And of course let me know if you spot any bugs.....grrr pesky bugs :D
Feb 2nd 2019 12:04am
To me i find it looks more mobile to be honest but that is my opinion.
Feb 2nd 2019 1:52am
The embed yellow box isn't in the bar anymore. RIP. Most of the time i have my resolution set to 1024 by 768 with DPI scaling at 125%. It looks out of place. I use that because of my disability. To make text bigger.
Feb 2nd 2019 2:28am
I agree
Feb 2nd 2019 9:04am
Not quite sure what you mean but if you share a screenshot I will see what we can do about the thing you feel is "out of place". Ecks30, yeah basically the top menu has to be responsive - so it scales with whatever screen resolution people choose, even if phone screen size. There is tonnes of GD functionality code woven through our menu code, so it was a serious undertaking. But now that we have sorted the menu out we can start to sort out the responsive nature of all the site areas and pages. So will try and focus on one section of the site at the time. After which it means Google wont punish us so much for not being modern and phone friendly enough. So in a nutshell, instead of creating great new tools and features, with my limited site resource (that google is taking away from us by lowering ad revenue and traffic), I have to rebuild the existing site again to satisfy Google or we risk vanishing. Obviously that is a bleak way of looking at it...but thats life ;) You guys keep giving your support and together we will continue to make GD perfect for us members.
Feb 2nd 2019 9:07am
Embed is still in menu and appears when not logged in and your screen is wide enough to display it. It sits outside the normal width of GD, so vanishes on narrow screens in favour of more important menu items.
Feb 2nd 2019 10:35am
I'm having a strange issue with some notifications having broken links
Feb 2nd 2019 5:36pm
ahh i thought we fixed that Will check into as soon as we can
Feb 2nd 2019 5:38pm
should be a fix now so please let me know if any other issues
Feb 2nd 2019 8:03pm
Ahh its in the menu now! Thanks Felix. That was my only issue!
Feb 4th 2019 9:27am
I do know what you mean Hasque, I've got 150% scaling at home and it can cause a few issues
Feb 4th 2019 10:54am
Why are we so relatable?
Feb 5th 2019 9:20am
Another possible issue I'm having is that the notifications for Shouts and replies on articles doesn't go away if I click on the checkmark. Instead it takes me to the page. Weird since it seems to work fine with friend request accepted notifications.