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anyone here with gtx 1080 know to tell me which is the best driver for it, 417.71 fcked me up pretty bad
Feb 3rd 2019 4:59am
how so ? im using 417.71 no problems... only, I have to install through GeForce Experience for some reason... they dont install directly frm nvidia site for me anymore... try the driver before 417.71
Feb 3rd 2019 9:22am
i always installed drivers from GF Expirience but this last 417.71 is making some problems like in games like in for honor i usually have around 80fps tho i locked it to 60 but now it happens from time to time to drop down to 30 also in ffxv i already had pretty low fps but i didnt have problem with that now game happen to freze for a few sec then goes back to normal but it happens often and it all started after i updated drivers
Feb 3rd 2019 11:29am
you can always try beta drivers, for me they usually worked best regardless of gpu I got
Feb 3rd 2019 2:15pm
they dosnt have beta driver for 1080 for who knows how long
Feb 3rd 2019 9:48pm
check you setting in Nvidia control panel under manage 3d settings you can add specific programs you want. I set only my games to use max gpu performance, pre rendered frames to 1, highest refresh rate etc. Go through all the setting and read what they do and set things to your liking. Some trial and error will ensue
Feb 3rd 2019 9:58pm
i installed older drivers and FFXV works great now but for honor still have the problem so i guess its to theyr so called server
Feb 4th 2019 3:34am
sounds like it, they are basically giving away now so I wouldn't expect much from it...
Feb 4th 2019 3:43pm
no the game is great one of best i ever played but thoose servers are the only problem