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anyone here with knowlege of portforwarding and willing to help?
Feb 4th 2019 1:45pm
i need to portforward for "For Honor" the problem is that i dont know where do i need to fill and with what, they gave me which TCP and UDP i need and i know whare is portworwarding in my router but i dont know what to type and where (sorry for poor english and explanation)
Feb 4th 2019 2:06pm
hmmm, can you send me a screenshot of the portforwarding router page and we will take a look if we get a moment. Also let me know any info they gave you. Put it in a msg in a whisper on my wall
Feb 4th 2019 2:10pm
It should be pretty straightforward once you've found the port forwarding section in your router settings. Things could get slightly more complicated if you're unsure about your dynamic/static IP settings though. Which part are you having trouble with specifically?
Feb 4th 2019 3:29pm
i whispered screenshoots to Felix about which ports do i need and my routers portforward page, the only problem is i dont know how to fill it like what is WAN Host IP Range, WAN Port Range, LAN Host Port Range and others, should i whisper to you too?
Feb 4th 2019 4:05pm
they're only going to be used in specific circumstances (such as range rather than single port) but Felix should be able to help!
Feb 4th 2019 5:22pm
You generally only need to worry about the TCP/UDP ranges you've been given and not all of the other potential fields. If in doubt, google your specific router plus port forwarding and there will hopefully be a video
Feb 4th 2019 6:22pm
Jon.. why do y think that wasnt first think i tryed, as always GD is my last hope when i need help
Feb 5th 2019 9:06am
:/ sorry, all the software is different so it makes it very difficult to say precisely what to do. However, if you look at a vid for a different router it should at least be similar even if the layout is totally different
Feb 5th 2019 10:26am
i know and i did find for my router but explanations were bad so i didnt know what to put where
Feb 5th 2019 10:32am
I'm not sure if something like this works but could be worth a shot?
Feb 5th 2019 10:33am
Just noticed it's paid though so perhaps a... free alternative somewhere