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Hi guys. Which one should I buy? HyperX Cloud Pro, Arctis 3, Corsair VOID or KRAKEN PRO V2
Feb 5th 2019 5:16pm
The Kraken Pro V2 has too much Bass and has a terrible microphone and the usual Razer Build quality which is below average. The HyperX Cloud Pro has a couple less buttons(I think), has a slightly worse mic, but otherwise, it's as good as the Acrtis 3. I don't know about the Corsair Void. So I would say between HyperX and Arctis 3, you chose there, both are equally as good imo.
Feb 5th 2019 5:36pm
Thank you bro for the reply. I am also leaning over to the HyperX and Arctis 3. Whose software support is better?
Feb 5th 2019 6:03pm
I don't think that HyperX has software, I think it's all through the physical controls. Steelseries, on the other hand, have always had top-notch software for their devices, up there with A4Tech, Razer and Corsair.
Feb 5th 2019 6:09pm
as a user of the hyperX cloud 2's, if the Alpha's sound quality is anything as good as the 2's. id highly recommend them! as for the Mic quality i really dont know, never used em.
Feb 5th 2019 7:34pm
Its quite different then the cloud 2's and alpha's. Yeah I saw some reviews on youtube about the products. I am gonna go for the Arctis 3. It has the great driver support and the mic sounds better then the cloud one. If there's anything I am missing please tell me