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So I recently got my XP machine started with all the parts I want. However, the GPU came in today and I noticed that the mobo couldn't recognize the card properly: "video controller( VGA etc)". I deleted the drivers in the card since I know this usually isn't a good sign of a healthy card, I then proceeded to Nvidia's website and downloaded the latest drivers for the 8800 GTX for Windows XP. After installing the drivers the PC finally recognizes it and has accurate information via GPU-Z though I have reset the PC to install the drivers. Well, my XP got corrupted, counted it: 3 freaking times! I spent all day manually repairing it multiple time (Continue=)
Feb 7th 2019 2:20am
Yes, I had to repair Windows XP 3 times because each new driver just killed the OS. Now I have to do a fresh Windows install because I um, accidentally deletes System32 lol :D I looked all over the internet for 5 hours regarding the issues I was getting and to no avail. NOTE: (WindowsXP is 32-it). I just about ready to give up on this, I've contacted the seller and requested a refund. I would put the card in my main gaming rig but I fear the same would occur so I'm not taking those chances. Please help, anything would be useful to me. Ask any question I will try to answer it as detailed as possible!
Feb 7th 2019 3:50am
did you try an older version of the driver?
Feb 7th 2019 4:13am
I don't know how, but apperently I was dl drivers to Intel CPU IGD instead of the GPU. I went into bios and changed the 3D Accelerator to PCI instead of IGD and the drivers work perfectly now and no Windows XP corruption :) After 9 hours I'm relieved an annoyed at how simple the solution was lol. The older drivers found from Nvidia's site was from 2013 and I managed to find some from 2008 on I''ll wait a bit and see how these 2013 drivers work and if it fails 2008 it is.
Feb 7th 2019 8:53pm
That's so far very odd issue you got. I think you should have disabled Intel iGPU for older motherboard with Win XP as I remembered it caused some issues if you had iGPU enabled together with installed discrete GPU. And driver deleting system32? How did that even happen? I find it very odd. Latest nvidia driver is year 2014. Also what kinda PC is it? Is it not possible to get at least Windows 7 32bit? Just asking.
Feb 8th 2019 2:15am
Nah, the drivers didn't delete the OS, it was me. I was trying to restore Windows XP to a more stable time. I was reading instructions and must have missed a line and typed in the wrong thing: "C:\WINDOWS>del system32/config\system", yeah I know...