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Is Steelseries Arctis 3 worth the money?
Feb 7th 2019 9:25am
Depends if you are going to use them to your advantage in games, comfort is excellent, if you don't plan to take advantage in gaming and want them for just a regular headset to talk with no. For music there are better proper music headphone alternatives, though arctis 3 are decent too.
Feb 7th 2019 9:38am
I want to use it for gaming, music and movies. What do you think about Arctis 5 or even HyperX Cloud Stinger?
Feb 7th 2019 12:57pm
The Arctis 3 XD
Feb 7th 2019 4:32pm
So should I get Arctis 3? I was thinking about Arctis 5 too
Feb 7th 2019 11:10pm
Arctis 3 has dolby, arctis 5 have dtsX, both are surround sound tech, but both are about equally as good, dtsX is more balanced, thus harder to figure out where the sound is coming from, but slightly more natural sounding, dolby, as usual, are cinematic-like and sharper, so you definitely hear where the sound is coming from. The other difference is that the Arctis 5 is a christmas tree... I mean it has RGB... so if you want RGB and are willing to spend more money for Christmas lighting obviously the Arctis 5, otherwis go for the Arctis 3, since most movies are made for dolby surround and in games you will be able to distinct where the sound is coming from better, even if it's less natural.
Feb 7th 2019 11:12pm
For music turn of the surround sound(obviously) and if you don't listen to jazz, classical, blues and more complex metal/rock then you will have a good listening experience, while if you like to listen to multi-instrument instrumentals with many different sounds and notes and accents, there are very few(and expensive) gaming headsets that are both good for gaming and music and that's after you change cups, backplates and whatnot. Then I'd recommend you getting headphones for music, but it depends, I'm a little bit of an audiophile and I may be taking it too far...
Feb 8th 2019 10:39am
Thank you man. Really appreciate it. I did some research, Steelseries are not giving product code now Arctis 3. So should I still go for it or should I buy HyperX Cloud Pro? As they are both going for the same price
Feb 8th 2019 11:00am
The Arctis 3 have a slightly better mic, great software, and a bit more features, but apart from those they are equally as good. So it's your choice really, I wouldn't say that either of the advantages of the Arctis 3 are that much more important. Pick whichever you like more.
Feb 8th 2019 11:00am
Also the arctis 3 work better with consoles if that matters to you.
Feb 8th 2019 12:33pm
Thank you again man for the replies. I am going with the Arctis 3
Feb 8th 2019 1:59pm
No probs, glad I helped.
Feb 8th 2019 6:45pm
You really helped me alot bro. I really appreciate it :)