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i canot even install a game(Apex Legends) from Origins.. i guess this is false virus or something
Feb 7th 2019 11:34am
Feb 7th 2019 12:50pm
none of those helped tho that SUPERAntiSpyware Professional has found a tons of crap which made me worried what else is on my pc,at the end i just had to delet all rars from dx folder of game.. not it works tho those 3 trojans are still quarantined and idk are they real viruses or not
Feb 7th 2019 12:59pm
Uninstall your virus program, I mean anti-virus program... problem solved... These programs have terrible exception handling of files, they call everything as complex as an EXE or higher a virus, just because they are incapable of reading it or compiling it, or analyzing it in any other shape or form...
Feb 7th 2019 1:35pm
but still they helped me few times
Feb 7th 2019 2:58pm
never use an anti virus software other than defender which works good if u r not torrenting extensively or downloading stuff from pirate or fishy sites. 99% of time these anti virus software's cause all issues with gaming. if they helped u few times then yes they did mess something in ur pc or it geniunely removed a virus or malware. depends on the files and games u r dealing with tho and u can always add exceptions for the drive where u have the game installed if u still wish to use ur anti virus software.
Feb 7th 2019 5:37pm
Crappy antivirus is a major headache. I only use Comodo on my devices nowdays.