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Hey awesome people. How is everyone? Anyone up to anything great this weekend? I am currently playing Gothic Armada 2, trying to get my head around whether it is good or not.
Feb 8th 2019 3:45pm
I'm really tired after work. Been getting crap-jobs as I am a electrician apprentice. Looking forward to be with friends this weekend. Might squeeze time to play AC:Odessey.
Feb 8th 2019 4:14pm
oooh nice one about getting some friend time. Eeek about the crap jobs. But will be great when you get to pass out the crap jobs. And you can say to your apprentice - "Now I am the MASTER"
Feb 8th 2019 4:22pm
despite hating BR's i have found myself being completely hypnotized by apex legends
Feb 8th 2019 4:27pm
just sleeping and playing games now while i still can as i still dont work, trying to escape real life and same, so my usual day as always. btw how is it Gothic Armada 2? i was thinking to play the first then this one bec as i understood its in WH40k universe
Feb 8th 2019 5:08pm
Looking forward to playing through Dark Souls again with some friends! Too excited after such a mind-numbing week.
Feb 8th 2019 7:40pm
Nothing but two essays and a presentation for two classes I detest. Fun times...
Feb 8th 2019 7:41pm
Always remember, the Emperor protects the faithful. Good luck battle brother
Feb 8th 2019 8:40pm
Thanks for asking, my brother and I got Black Ops 2 and fighting against bots but they only use RPGs and crossbows, while we can only quick-scope lol.
Feb 9th 2019 12:37am
Maybe some beer, maybe some gaming. Trying Apex Legends
Feb 10th 2019 7:31am
Been trying the Division 2 beta. Majorly frustrating as I can't get it to run properly. I'm getting like 8 seconds per frame. Yes you read that right. Massive lag. It seems to have a memory leak. But it says you can get 1080p60 on 8 gb RAM while I cant get it to run stable 30 at 8 gb RAM lol.
Feb 10th 2019 3:43pm
some Starcraft II co-op as usual, it's repeating fun :D
Feb 10th 2019 6:06pm
I'm still grinding away at Counter Strike: Global Offensive, in my never ending quest to get back to Silver ll. I have taken the title World's Oldest Counter Strike Player. There's only one player I know of that's in my age group playing CS (and he only plays DeathMatch) & he's several years younger than me. Old guys rule!!
Feb 10th 2019 7:58pm
oh and Also been trying Apex Legends. pretty fun game. still gotta get used to all the characters and their specials. i suck right now. Division 2 beta is horrendously buggy as ubi-usual. Terrible servers too.
Feb 11th 2019 11:57am
CS:GO for life. :D Gold Nova 3 for life too. :D But yeah mostly CS:GO, recently downloaded the Classic Warcraft 3 RoC&TFT due to being impatient for Reforged. Came back to ForkKnife after 1 year, but already regretting it. :D
Feb 12th 2019 6:24am
playing RE2 when i have time.. not sure what to do next though.. i usually just drop games where i get lost in sadly and go back to rainbow 6. i want to finish Vagrant Story (PS1) if they released an android version that would be nice as i usually only play it on my PSP when im catching a flight. also re-reading LoTR for the 1000th time :)
Feb 13th 2019 7:50pm
Busy with work, Felix, so not been very active on GD and haven't really gamed anything for the last few weeks. But all is good in the 'hood!
Feb 14th 2019 10:42am
Nice to hear all good X Loving all the responses guys. Got some new ideas for features in the pipeline so looking forward to chatting with you guys about those soon
Feb 17th 2019 6:11am
heir of carthage seems to like it quite a bit!