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HEY MAN! I just realized i lost my membership badge and that my monthly sub stopped. Did something happen or you guys change systems? that is a sad day! I was at like 6 years of support LOL!
Feb 12th 2019 7:34pm
aww man. No, the system hasnt been changed. I will dig around tomorrow and see what I can find out but it is more than likely a payment hasnt gone through for over a month or year if you were annual paying. Either way I will def see what I can do As I cant have this :D
Feb 14th 2019 10:19am
Just double checked and it says you cancelled it on the 21 Jun 2018. Let me know if you restart it and I will try and code the site up so it shows your continued support from the original
Feb 17th 2019 3:22am
OH MAN!!! i wouldn't have done that on purpose. I put it to the 2 dollar per month!
Feb 17th 2019 3:23am
can i do a 1 time donation to catch up?
Feb 17th 2019 3:26am
i just sent 14 dollars to to make up for the 7 months missed.