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can someone tell medifference between KOTION EACH G2000 and KOTION EACH G2200 aside from 2000s frequency is 20-20kHZ and 2200s is 20-40kHZ, and can someone explain to me what does those frequencys affect as i am completee noob about those stuff
Feb 13th 2019 3:35am
Ill be honest it looks like a cheap piece of plastic that would last for a good 4 months.
Feb 13th 2019 4:21am
it do but doesnt they all do, i mean those are cheapest and with pretty good reviews
Feb 14th 2019 7:27pm
Yes but for most video's and site reviews it is usually using it after a day a few weeks which people tends to move onto other things to review about and would forget to mention if they broke or if something else happened.
Feb 14th 2019 7:28pm
If you are looking for a gaming headset always look for quality instead of the price that is the key.
Feb 14th 2019 7:49pm
idk i have some random headset some very cheap one(not the one on my rig specs) and they work fine its 2 years as i use them, but my brother somehow sussces to pull the cable out of audio jack(if thats how it called) but wires are still connected so i am losing sound on left side