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Microsoft offers new Windows 7 ISOs (build 7601.24214.180801), they're full of sh!t so better stay away of them :(
Feb 22nd 2019 7:55pm
I am still on my win10 1803 and yeah it cannot update even if it wants to. I feel this build is probably smooth and less buggier than the new one as I have no issues with it running even emulators so far. also running VMware with good old win xp sp3 32bit on it to play some old games tht I used to play on win xp until 8, 8.1 destroyed its compatibility.
Feb 22nd 2019 8:11pm
BTW Stopping the updates from d'loading is very simple just open group policy editor. and in tht editor head to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Update. select Configure Automatic updates option, and in the new window tht opens, set it to disabled option from the not configured option. Now apply it, ok and then close the group policy editor. Head to services.msc by either typing it in the run dialog box or in the search box of windows, stop the windows update service from running and set it to disabled, apply it and close. open the uwp setting app and set it to defer updates the security and the feature updates. Thts it. u have finally disabled the windows updates from working and downloading stuff.
Feb 22nd 2019 8:12pm
Also this wont affect the uwp store apps in any way and u can still d'load and use apps from store too. Reverse this steps if u want to get the win 10 updates working like before. This step should work for win 10 pro and other editons of windows except for home
Feb 22nd 2019 8:47pm
Feb 22nd 2019 9:21pm
I'm on Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC and i'm having a nice and smooth experience. No problems on a fresh install of 17763.1. Of course, i updated it to .316.
Feb 23rd 2019 9:02am
What's wrong with them?