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@jon I want to congratulate you personally for your work with the articles of "Game Pc Performance and Most Important Graphics Options". I am fully convinced that you cover a very large gap in the internet. The closest thing was the great items that Geforce Nvidia did. Your guides are helping me in the last weeks to optimize many games that ran high and now I run them in ultra optimized. Knowing the percentages of drops fps of each graphical option allows you to decide very quickly. Sometimes even some fixes like disable options that are broken.
Feb 26th 2019 8:14pm
I can assure you that I've been working on Project Cars 2 for two years, running at about 35 fps on highs. And the other day when I read that there was a broken aliasing option and instead of putting SMAA I put MSAA low with supersmapling off the magic was done. I can tell you that inside I cried with happiness. Improves 45 fps in ultra ... Honestly, I do not know if that recommendation was made by you. But it is a clear example since I have optimized around 10 games in the last two weeks.
Feb 26th 2019 8:15pm
I have learned how far my RX 560 gets, feeling comfortable in ultra with SMAA filters, 16x and HBAO + something unthinkable a few weeks ago. What the Division looks like now with the reflections in Ultra and the filters is incredible. I needed to tell you as a user of this community for more than 4 years, where I contribute my granite although it is little, I know. And I encourage you to continue making these fantastic articles. Thank you very much and greetings.
Feb 27th 2019 9:08am
Thanks a lot, appreciated :) Let me know as well if you feel there's anything in them that needs improving, always want to make them better if possible!