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marvellous, 2 months into troubleshooting PC result was faulty reset button on case :D video
Feb 28th 2019 10:34am
oh my gawd.... No wonder it took you 2 months to find out what it was... I would never expect it either.
Feb 28th 2019 12:24pm
not me, just some guy on youtube :)
Feb 28th 2019 3:25pm
once it took me 2 months to boot up my current Ryzen pc. eventually found the faulty RAM by Crucial. I even RMA the MOBO.
Feb 28th 2019 4:32pm
one of the most annoying problems ever. It almost happened to me earlier this month. But luckily it only took a day for me to think about the power button. That said, I was close to giving up because I'd tested most other parts which seemed ok.
Mar 1st 2019 2:58am
Yeah I have been subbed to CareyHolzman For a while now pretty smart dude learned a few things from him. But honestly sometimes it can be the smallest things that cause the biggest problems!
Mar 1st 2019 11:51am
@NymbusZero It happens so often that there should be a meme about it.
Mar 1st 2019 11:55am
@tzzsmk I my 20 + years of working with hardware, I've never heard of a reset button being the problem in misbehaving hardware. Guess you learn something ever day.