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if Microsoft ever made a product that didn't suck ........... it would be a vacuum cleaner xD LMAO
Mar 1st 2019 9:12am
Why? Also, Visual Studio is awesome. ;)
Mar 1st 2019 9:32am
read it again, it's a pun
Mar 1st 2019 11:41am
ohhhhh... damn I'm daft.. :D Now I got it :D
Mar 1st 2019 12:06pm
lol nice one xD
Mar 1st 2019 4:02pm
but what about the xbox 360 controller one of the best every to leave a factory
Mar 1st 2019 9:13pm
Suck you into an update.
Mar 1st 2019 11:01pm
@Draker the cable version for sure, wireless would be great if the battery was li-oh, but the tumor at the back is somewhat annoying. Also the D-pad isn't that great