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hmm, so Forza Horizon 3 apparently forced me to use Windows 10, good thing is I can use 2019 LTSC and just add Store with a handy script
Mar 4th 2019 11:37am
Neat, have fun.
Mar 4th 2019 12:13pm
really love the game, wouldn't imagine open world racing game with so wide range of licensed cars can be so fun (thanks to some clever balancing of drivers), last time I enjoyed a racing game so much was when I first played Burnout Paradise which was roughly 10 years ago
Mar 4th 2019 7:56pm
I honestly don't remember the last racing game I enjoyed. Last one I played was Gas Guzzlers. It was amusing enough, but I guess I have just lost my interest.
Mar 4th 2019 9:12pm
yea Gas Guzzlers Extreme was really cool, DiRT Showdown was lots of fun as well, Split Second wasn't bad either, I like racing arcades, so I'm really surprised I mislooked the Forza Horizon series entirely till now
Mar 6th 2019 7:23am
Enjoy the thrill.
Mar 6th 2019 8:08am
thrill ruined by fckin Microsoft Store, had to remove and reinstall the game couple times already
Mar 6th 2019 3:24pm
Yeah I ran in to that problem a few times with Horizon 4, but still enjoying it.