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I'm really stunned of how shitty Windows 10 is, I installed LTSC 2019 (based on 1809) just recently, thought there would be some improvement over LTSB 2016 (based on 1607) but guess what - absolutely no positive difference, at least I figured out putting invalid gateway in network settings cuts off internet access while retaining LAN access, so I can use it without malware vulnerability
Mar 7th 2019 7:22am
I recently installed LTSC 2019 but have no prior experience with Win 10 so this is my first rodeo. Are there actually no improvements / upgrades ? Hard to imagine - LTSB 2016 - LTSC 2019, if the year numbers are reflective of the actual time, that's 3 years of potential development time no ? That's disappointing
Mar 7th 2019 7:26am
Wonder if you've gone through this ?