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heya folks, need help, can't find answer anywhere, gonna pick DELL AW3418DW very soon, but I noticed there's 2 part number variants in stores, one being 210-AMNE and second 210-AMSV and I can't find absolutely any info about what means what...?
Mar 8th 2019 2:50pm
I would guess it's regional. AMNE for Europe, AMSV for NA, something like that.
Mar 8th 2019 2:52pm
nno, I can see both variants simultaneously in local stores, just slightly different prices
Mar 8th 2019 3:00pm
Damn, not sure there, I'd probably go whichever's newer or something. Purdy screen though
Mar 8th 2019 3:17pm
price difference is about 25$, only difference I could see in some stores is mention of next-business-day 3-year DELL support, so maybe it's just that? anyway 3-year warranty (or 36 months, same thing) is mentioned in all stores, all variants
Mar 8th 2019 3:18pm
hah yea that screen is probably overkill, but I wanna step up from 1440p60fps I've been using for over 5 years now and that 3440x1440p100/120fps looks like sweetspot to me, especially for its versatility for non-gaming purposes too
Mar 8th 2019 3:30pm
yeah ultrawide will be pretty nice. Never really used a curved screen before but I'm guessing it's a good fit for ultrawide so you don't end up looking like a fish
Mar 9th 2019 4:04am
I think better price gives better performance :D
Mar 10th 2019 4:46pm
ordered it, hope it will be pristine piece, wish me luck guys
Mar 11th 2019 9:09am