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dayum that G-Sync is pure heaven, on top of that 3440x1440 100Hz IPS screen :3
Mar 12th 2019 6:12pm
You have ascended to the 21:9 heaven my friend :D
Mar 12th 2019 6:33pm
yea totally btw how exactly is G-Sync supposed to work if games are run in windowed mode?
Mar 12th 2019 7:22pm
good question, no idea. AFAIK it doesn't work well, so borderless windowed and windowed might cause trouble.
Mar 12th 2019 8:04pm
just played Starcraft 2 on Mac, windowed, fps was jumping between 100 (desktop) and 63-ish (game), DiRT Showdown fullscreen on Mac feels quite smooth despite topping barely 45-55fps, dat G-Sync really is game changer O_O
Mar 12th 2019 8:04pm
obviously checked Witcher 3, Forza Horizon 3, NFS Payback and Vampyr on windows.....dayum dat ultrawide
Mar 12th 2019 8:21pm
once you go 21:9, there is no going back. Next thing TO DO.... MOVIES!!!!
Mar 12th 2019 10:33pm
yea I already checked some movies, I can do realtime framerate interpolation, so they run at 100Hz
Mar 13th 2019 7:26pm
I don't know but won't make framerate interpolation make it ... idk, feeling weird? I haven't experienced on watching movies/animes on 60FPS or higher, so I have no experience on this. May I ask for some guidance? :D