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GD, Come for the Sexy fps tools, stay for good vibes.
Mar 13th 2019 12:16pm
You talking to Boo again?
Mar 13th 2019 12:22pm
Not boo It is a sincere feeling. I love gd because I do not hear about discussions in the comments. I left the Spanish press for that. Is there no good vibes? I really think that GD has a good community.
Mar 13th 2019 12:47pm
Yeah I'm only joking
Mar 13th 2019 12:51pm
I understood it as a joke. But then I hesitated, since it is difficult to take irony and jokes in other languages. Sorry!
Mar 13th 2019 1:05pm
Mar 13th 2019 1:49pm
glad you enjoy stayin with us
Mar 14th 2019 9:43am
Glad to hear you are having a good one here buddy. Jon was referring to your avatar pic, which is Minsc the barbarian from the awesome Baldurs Gate RPG. Minsc has a Giant Dwarf Space Hamster called Boo. Minsc is always talking to Boo in the game.
Mar 14th 2019 10:56am
Wow! I did not catch the reference at any time haha Sorry . In Spain "Boo" is called "Bubú" (Same with the enemy of Dragon Ball Z now that I think about it) hahaha. What a pity not having caught the joke the first time, explained loses hahaha. I passed Baldur's Gate 4 times and once I restarted it just to take Minsc. Legendary quote ""Tírate a sus ojos Bubú, a sus ojos!" It would be sound like "throw to your eyes Boo, to your eyes! "
Mar 14th 2019 11:14am
Haha, I didn't even think that Boo may have had a different name in a different language, whoops
Mar 14th 2019 12:49pm
I like how GD feels like an RPG which is unlocking new features as it levels up
Mar 14th 2019 12:55pm
As well as some possible bugs :P ... Like does anyone else have an idea why the emoji's aren't activating when I click on them, or how to clear notifications ?
Mar 14th 2019 12:55pm
I wonder if typing the code manually works ?? winkface
Mar 14th 2019 1:45pm
I designed the flow so that would work CookieMonster. Yours didnt because you put a space between the ?? and the winkface. Also I have added secret emoji for CD'ers to find
Mar 14th 2019 1:46pm
Will fix the bug you spotted as well
Mar 14th 2019 1:49pm
and Minsc in the English version says "Go for the eyes Boo, go for the eyes" So pleased that its the same sentence in both languages that is one of the best lines in gaming history. Hmm thats an up for debate we shall do
Mar 14th 2019 1:51pm
...CD'ers? I of course meant GD'ers
Mar 14th 2019 2:54pm
I already guess out
Mar 14th 2019 3:02pm
The quotes of Baldur’s gate are absolutely legendary
Mar 14th 2019 4:10pm
tzz you new I would add that for you
Mar 14th 2019 4:45pm
Go for the eyes
Mar 14th 2019 4:52pm
I wasn't putting a space I'm pretty sure. Unless this keyboard was doing something weird. It has been acting up a bit. But first when I clicked on the emoji I couldn't even see the code in this textbox. Now it's coming. I guess it was being updated or something
Mar 14th 2019 5:23pm
Mar 14th 2019 5:31pm
for the eyes
Mar 14th 2019 5:37pm
Ahh I see that you've escaped my dungeon with Jaheria, Yoshimo and the child of bhaal. As you know I'm currently having a good time with Imoen in spellhold atm
Mar 14th 2019 10:14pm
Mar 15th 2019 11:36am
Nice try Oiolosse. try ?? boo but dont have a space between ?? boo
Mar 15th 2019 1:08pm
Mar 15th 2019 1:09pm
Mar 15th 2019 1:49pm
There we go. Nice!