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I open privacy in Steam but synchronize that
Mar 14th 2019 6:53pm
Yep this is what I noticed too. Spoke to Jon about it a few weeks back if I remember correctly. Wonder what the latest is. @Jon ? any updates bud ?
Mar 14th 2019 6:54pm
To clarify - it's the sync issue. GD doesn't seem to be able to sync with Steam
Mar 14th 2019 7:03pm
Ah ok Thanks! I remember that someone asked about this (you?) and I thought that it had been solved when Open privacy. But I already had the privacy open so I thought something else must fail. have synchronized games is not the most important thing in the world but it would be good for GD to synchronize the main platforms. Thank you for info @thecookiemonster
Mar 15th 2019 12:04pm
Yeah they changed some stuff since we built it. Will take a look at this when we get a moment. gotta
Mar 15th 2019 1:22pm
Perfect! do not worry too