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Two Point Hospital is free this weekend on Steam(: (sorry if it's already been said)
Mar 15th 2019 10:32am
Great game too!
Mar 15th 2019 10:42am
Definitely downloading after work!
Mar 15th 2019 10:44am
Hah just seen you're from Weymouth too, weird!
Mar 15th 2019 10:52am
The Dorset bois!
Mar 15th 2019 10:55am
i just created account for this non sens game, and how can i remove my accout?
Mar 15th 2019 11:10am
Sorry bro i'm not following...what's wrong?
Mar 15th 2019 11:19am
ohh, sorry. I just fixed it but thank you anyway :)
Mar 15th 2019 11:24am
Mar 15th 2019 4:33pm
Haha nice emoji Jon, I guess people could type ?? dorset to get the flag to turn up in their chat? remove the space after the ?