Mar 18th 2019 2:12am
That is awesome! I wish more software and games would be GPU agnostic as nVidia in some ways has a monopoly of sorts when it comes to game software supporting them with their Hairworks features and such etc. Really makes me miss the old days (pre 2005) when their wasn't artifical gimping of video card performance with nVidia's shenanigans.
Mar 18th 2019 6:52am
Well keep in mind that if optimized for Nvidia's RT cores, even though AMD GPUs would be computing real-time ray tracing, Nvidia's RTX GPUs equivalents would get much better performance.
Mar 20th 2019 5:47pm
I want to see that demo ACTUALLY run real-time. As it stands right now - I'd bet my ass it's pre-rendered. The quality is too crisp and clean, the sample rate is obviously higher than what's used in games. It's 100% pre-rendered, especially considering 4K and the framerate. BUT... can raytracing actually be done on a mainstream GPU? Yes, absolutely. I've rendered CG on GPUs for years. It's just that it's very very slow... Well, the quality stuff is. The pathetic sampling rate they use in games is obviously faster to render.