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My condolences to the families, communities and all the people that got affected by the terrorist attack in Christchurch, I can't believe something horrible like that could happen. May God bless the martyrs.
Mar 17th 2019 9:59am
Damn, shooting up people is just horrible enough. But livestreamed the whole ordeal like an FPS game and post it into Internet? Man, it's a new level of madness. And then after that, shooters, terrorists, murders or any twisted psycho will try to "follow" that fcker's example and livestream their commiting unspeakable deeds and "share" it to everyone. Heard they caught that pshycho, and he seemed so satisfying and triumphant when walking into the courtroom. Jesus.....
Mar 17th 2019 6:24pm
A bummer that NZ doesn't have death penaltiesŲŒ but also the fact that most news channels called him "gunman" or "mentally-ill" is just making me furiousŲŒ no matter the color, the religion, the clothes, anyone who does such a thing is a TERRORIST, killing 50 people and injuring 50 more isn't a mere act of violence or an illness, with the writings on his guns referring to dates when muslims were defeated just puts his desires in plain sight.
Mar 18th 2019 6:09am
Media at its finest. Don't know why they always try to "protect" and "positively" potray those criminals by making excuses like "mental-illness", "videogame-addict" or something likes that.