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I'd just like to remind y'all of this... Remember, kids - monopolies are only bad if others do it! But when Tim does it 10x worse - it's ok!
Mar 18th 2019 7:03pm
But it's not a monopoly
Mar 18th 2019 8:36pm
In a strict sense - no. Would they like one? Probably. Are exclusives monopolizing which storefront to use? Yes. MS Store was something he didn't like and moaned about, and MS was not even bribing the devs. I just see this as two-faced.
Mar 19th 2019 9:08am
Oh it's absolutely two-faced, just not monopolistic. To be honest though, I just don't see what choice Epic has in the matter if they want to have a successful storefront. If the Epic store had literally the exact same feature set as Steam, everyone would still choose Steam as they're embedded in the ecosystem. They need compelling reasons for users to go there. They've got compelling reasons for developers but have kind of failed on the consumers. Ideally Epic would fund the development of actual exclusives, and maybe that was their plan but Fortnite accelerated the launch of their storefront. Hard to know, but it seems a safe bet that moneyhatting games won't be a tactic forever for Epic.
Mar 19th 2019 9:26am
Another reason why Fortnite is toxic.
Mar 19th 2019 11:11am
I still can't believe they made 3 billion in a year on that F2P game... What the hell are their playerbase doing there???
Mar 19th 2019 11:14am
They dabbing
Mar 19th 2019 8:32pm
They could, you know, maybe try fighting Steam by giving consumers some more favorable deals than Steam can?
Mar 19th 2019 8:34pm
Hoarding exclusives doesn't help one bit, they just stand to make a monopoly of their own, and we, the consumers, receive no benefits whatsoever. We still have one choice and one place to spend our money at, same as it was with Steam.
Mar 19th 2019 8:35pm
At least we'll have discount console wars on PC if nothing else. That's something to look forward too I guess.
Mar 20th 2019 12:08am
At least we know they're for profit through pro developer features.
Mar 20th 2019 11:12am
Like opt-in reviews, so you can't review a crap game if the dev says so? xD
Mar 21st 2019 12:38am