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finaly finished trine now i am starting resident evil serie, should i skip 2 and go to remaster or should i play both?
Mar 18th 2019 9:22pm
I'd play the original, it's a classic. It's been ages since I've played it, like about 18 or so years. Played it on PS1 but I think the re-mastered version is quite different.
Mar 18th 2019 10:43pm
in that case i guess that i will play original one first
Mar 18th 2019 10:44pm
Currently playing the remasterd and damn it is awesome, believe me
Mar 19th 2019 12:29am
ff this sht i am too scared to play RE7 was childplay compared to RE1
Mar 19th 2019 1:07am
Mar 19th 2019 2:38am
i will have to play this one with friend or better he to play and i to watch lol
Mar 19th 2019 7:53am
Lol i am actually making the same thing!
Mar 19th 2019 8:11am
Yeah I'm going through the re-mastered version at the moment. It's very good, don't find it scary though, but then I don't scare easily. I also though RE 7 was great. Worst part of that was that creepy old women with the long arms, that was creepy as hell.
Mar 19th 2019 9:10am
I can't really think of many reasons to play the original RE2, it's such a good and comprehensive remake that you'd just be playing a worse version of the same game.
Mar 19th 2019 10:18am
Very true. It would look rather dated now. It's been so long since I played it that I can't remember how close the re-make is to it. I do know they've added and changed a few things.
Mar 19th 2019 1:11pm
i love zombies in games but in action adventure like How to Survive 1,2 and dying light, i was fine with RE7 and RE Revelations 2 which are the only RE games i played and finished but this game and its extremly well placed locked cameras to make you tense all the time as you dont see a thing + that aiming mechanics, i watched people play RE games and i noticed that they dont even bother with zombies just go around them but i preffer to kill every last one of them looks like i will need to find some ammo cheat or something
Mar 19th 2019 4:36pm
If How to Survive and Dying Light are your favourite then I'm sure that you will love RE1 HD Remake. Fixed cameras and auto-aiming in all of its glory, item-management is a bitch though. You can't drop your current item until you find a box for it, it's a real pain in the ass when playing as Chris because he has only 6 slots (Jill has 8) and there are tons of keys, items, guns, ammos, etc. And yeah, I like killing all of the zomibe too. It makes me feel more secure and safer when travel back and forth through the place.
Mar 19th 2019 4:39pm
tbh, RE2 Remake on normal difficult has a crapton of ammo lying about. People like to recommend saving it but I believe it dynamically gives you more if you're running out.
Mar 19th 2019 5:05pm
theblackwolf i did started it and was playing with Jill bec of inventory, and Dying Light dosnt have locked camera or auto aim as i remember same goes for RE1 as i saw there is no auto aim, and locked camera in how to survive is fine it is looking from abowe and its openspace but RE1 you are in hallways all the time plus camera is made so that you dont see other side. Jon i hope that is true that ammo drop depends on how much you have
Mar 20th 2019 1:22pm
I think that unlike any RE after 4, RE2 has a fixed amount of ammo and gunpowder because, well, it has no crates for you to break and grab this time and zombies don't drop randomized items like herbs and ammo when they die (or dissolved). But one thing I'm certain is that the amount of goodies is much less (and still location-fixed) when you're on higher difficulties. At least things are plenty before or during boss battle. I don't know what will happen if one tries to make the game unwinnable on purpose by wasting or discarding all of ammo, nades, weed they had. Slashing G3/G4 or Super Mr.X with your only knife? I'll pass.
Mar 20th 2019 1:23pm
It gives you more. If you have loads of pistol ammo, for example, and find pistol ammo then it gives you like two bullets. If you've nearly used it all up it gives you a stack of 10
Mar 20th 2019 6:03pm
I see, replaying RE2 and I noticed what you had said. Also, I noticed that the location of items don't change, just their amounts. Talking about amount of bullets, I'm playing Silent Hill 2 atm, my friends and many guides just scream at me to conserve ammo but this game is just generous. 1/3 into the game and I got nearly 200 pistol's ammo, 70 shotgun's shells, 30 rifle's rounds and tons of healing items. Good lord.....