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About time we had a Splinter Cell reveal isn't it?
Mar 19th 2019 5:00pm
Anything annouced on GDC About Splinter Cell ??
Mar 19th 2019 8:18pm
YES. I feel like people forgot about that franchise while I'm sitting here waiting for the next one. My only worry is that they're gonna have to get rid of ol' Sam somehow cause he's getting old...
Mar 20th 2019 10:16am
Well hopefully it will be a reboot, rather than getting rid of ol' Sam. That way we get to "learn" how he became super hardcore
Mar 20th 2019 6:38pm
In FC: New Dawn there is Sam's Paladin which contains his iconic suit and his note about something likely a large scale attack has happened on US's soil. Back in Sam's mission in GR:Wildlands, at the end Grim mentioned about a "empty quiver" which should be a reference to a nuke that has gone missing. And then in FC5 US got nuked. I think that if the relation between FC and SC is cannon and not just easter egg, it's likely that the next SC game will have something to do with FC5's nuke and maybe he failed to stop the attack. However, I personally don't want this to happen. Sam deserves more just than this after all.
Mar 21st 2019 3:10pm
I just hope that Ubi doesnt pull the old "Ubisoft" move on SC and turn it into a typical open-world game filled with too much stuff that most people never complete (thats what i've gathered atleast...). A level based campaign is the way to go for a Splinter Cell title, and nothing will change my mind about that.
Mar 21st 2019 3:11pm
Yeah that Splinter Cell mission in wildlands had me convinced it was gonna be announced soon. With Watch Dogs 3 rumoured this year though, I guess it's another Splinter Cell no-show
Mar 21st 2019 3:41pm
Besides Splinter Cell, is there any chance that we will see a new Rainbow Six with actual campaign this time?
Mar 21st 2019 6:58pm
R6 with proper singleplayer and Co-op campaign would be really nice after the dissapointing terrorist hunt in Siege...
Mar 22nd 2019 1:49pm
Yeah. just hope Ubi doesn't screw it up again.....