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whoa this was unexpected, Radeon VII is just above RTX 2080 Ti in DaVinci Resolve 15 performance, for 500$ msrp less!
Mar 20th 2019 12:10am
AMD CPUs and even GPUs are typically better in multimedia applications.
Mar 20th 2019 6:51am
I'm wondering how it would perform against a Quadro GP100 which is really its competition. The Radeon VII GPU is a FirePro GPU in disguise. It has 1:2 Fp64/Fp32 core ratio, 2:1 Fp16/Fp32 core ratio and 1TB bandwidth along with many instructions useless for gaming, compared to the gtx 1080ti or rtx 2080 which have 1:64 Fp16/Fp32 core ratio and 1:16 Fp64/Fp32 core ratio and quite lower bandwidth.
Mar 20th 2019 5:45pm
Interesting, interesting. But would I trade my 2080Ti for this? Nope. One software that juuust about edges out in AMD's favor is nice, but then I bet it'll completely fall apart in rendering... oh, yes - no CUDA! Lol. Still, impressive, if you don't know what @psychoman said.
Mar 20th 2019 5:52pm
I can already sense new Mac Pro being powered by that anyway.... on a side note, definitely don't trade your pair of 2080Ti's, it's rather obvious, even from that review, AMD failed to make gpu cooler effective for paired usage
Mar 20th 2019 6:04pm
I wouldn't trade a RTX 2080ti for a Radeon VII if I had one either, but then again, I only use GPUs for gaming so... XD I'd say not really impressive. But then again, AMD needs to start spec-ing their GPUs for certain tasks, instead of making a jack of all trades but master of none. The Radeon VII has 331mm^2 die size, but they reduced the Fp16/Fp32 core ratios and Fp64/Fp32 core ratios, to the ones of the rtx 2080 or gtx 1080ti, the die size would drop to around 200mm^2, reducing power consumption in the process by a lot and if they dropped 8GB of HBM2 and half the bandwidth with it, even with HBM2 it would have costed 400$ or so and would have been just as fast for games and would have reduced power consumption by a ton.
Mar 20th 2019 7:01pm
I don't know how powerful Radeon VII is for gaming and how it performs in Crossfire (I reckon like shit, because NVLink made huge gains vs SLI - 5K went from unplayable to 90+fps in my games), but 8GB I'd say probably is no longer enough. Modern assets eat memory like mad. My 2080Tis could run FarCry5 at 10K if they weren't running out of VRAM. At 8K I get just over 50fps :)
Mar 20th 2019 7:06pm
Well yes, but for 1440p or somewhat 4k, maybe up to 3440x1440 and at a 350-400$ price tag, instead of 700$ it would have been just perfect.
Mar 20th 2019 8:51pm
Hey - still cheaper than Nvidia's offerings. That memory kit can only be good, in my books. Though it will lack the raytracing bling, that's for sure. I've not yet tried Metro Exodus (but I have a...err...demo), but those who did say the raytraced global illumination makes the game absolutely gorgeous. I'd like to see that. But even a 1080Ti falls to its knees trying to raytrace that, where a 2080Ti blazes through in comparison.
Mar 21st 2019 12:41am
dEdIcAtEd RaY tRaCiNg CoReS
Mar 21st 2019 11:35am
There was some talk about a new HBM2 mem version that's faster. Would be interesting to see how it would do in games.
Mar 21st 2019 11:41am
We need hbm3, twice the capacity and 50% heigher bandwidth at the same price, most importantly the capacity is twice as cheap per GB