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Microsoft is adding variable-rate shading to DX12. Since Turing is the only hardware currently available with it, it's designated differently in code and will still see a performance increase. Any DX12 gpu will show improved performance in supported games, too. (This is part of the original promise that DX12 was supposed to being to the table)
Mar 20th 2019 5:38pm
Uu, that's nice! Though I wasn't a fan of the artifacts I saw in Wolfenstein 2...
Mar 20th 2019 7:25pm
There's actually an explanation for it. Wolfenstein used general hardware addresses, like the DX12 version will have. The Turing specific ones don't have the same issue. I'll find the article they explains it a little more.
Mar 20th 2019 7:30pm Turing is Tier 2 and allows a more fine grained version that doesn't end up with degrading the image like a Tier 1 would do.