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Air-cooled or water-cooled? Why not both?
Mar 20th 2019 9:05pm
Mar 21st 2019 11:24am
Really interesting. I do have a hefty loop consisting of a MO-RA420, 2x D5 pumps and a Heatkiller IV Pro. Would be cool to see if this would be a better performing option compared to the traditional waterblock.
Mar 21st 2019 1:40pm
Read about it, but sadly didn't watch the video. The temps are cool tho
Mar 22nd 2019 1:41am
The idea is that you get more surface transfer space compared to a waterblock but if would a dually cool any better is up in the air for now.
Mar 22nd 2019 1:33pm
You'd still need to add a radiator at some point because the water would reach high temps and the performance would drop. Tho the concept itself is sound.
Mar 23rd 2019 12:53am
Well yeah. It says it in the article. But you get more surface area for initial heat removal. With more water flowing around the heatsink, you could theoretically remove more heat and remove heat faster.
Mar 23rd 2019 12:58am
And since water can absorb more heat at a time than aluminum (fancy little site to help out with the math - before it's temperature will increase, it could theoretically lower the temp of the metal below ambient to allow the xpu to be even cooler. Yes, water can lower temps below ambient.
Mar 23rd 2019 3:39pm
That stuff will take a least 3 - 5 years to hit the market.