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Quantic Dream releases their game (Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human) exclusively on Epic. What a good "competition".
Mar 21st 2019 9:19am
In the case of those three games, I think it could actually be viewed as a positive. Beyond and Detroit are Sony-owned IP and trademarks that probably wouldn't have come to PC at all were it not for the Epic moneyhat
Mar 21st 2019 9:35am
That’s one way to look at it. But still..
Mar 21st 2019 1:58pm
lol no they are not sony's owned ips they are quantic dream's sony just had a contract with the studio
Mar 21st 2019 2:12pm
Sony owns the IPs, it's right there on their Epic store pages. "Beyond: Two Souls™ ©2013-2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Developed by Quantic Dream. “Beyond: Two Souls” and “Beyond” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved."