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holy sh!t Windows 10 got so ugly O_O
Mar 21st 2019 5:51pm
upcoming sandbox browser extension feature seems interesting though:
Mar 21st 2019 6:06pm
Oh wow that's dope AF, can't wait to click on all the links!
Mar 22nd 2019 12:43am
The Windows light theme looks nice. wym ugly? Its basically the opposite to the dark theme.
Mar 22nd 2019 2:18am
I kinda like it. Sort of a throw back to the Days of Windows 9x (95 and 98/Me/2000 Professional) in a way but I do agree the Darker Theme looks better
Mar 22nd 2019 8:47am
Light Theme ≠ Ugly
Mar 22nd 2019 11:21am
All these windows Apps, Cortana, Edge almost make me vomit even though it is a tip of the iceberg of why windows 10 consumer versions is so terrible. If you want good Windows just stick with Win 7 or Win 10 Enterprice LTSB (NOT LTSC)
Mar 22nd 2019 12:55pm
I'm testing new 2019 LTSC a bit and it's okay, haven't really noticed major issues compared to 2016 LTSB :)
Mar 23rd 2019 12:02am
I've been using it as my main OS. Its really nice. Haven't had any issues with it at all.
Mar 25th 2019 4:54pm
Been using LTSC 1809 for a couple of months now and it's all been good to me so far. I don't miss the Win10 Pro clutter at all.