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As someone who recently moved to Germany, I need to vent about the censorship in video games... I didn't really have money to buy games before moving, and the reason I moved was because of a job that can support my gaming lifestyle. So after setting up a worthy PC, I discovered this censoring of adult content. I wanted to buy the Modern Warfare trilogy purely because of the singleplayer, only to realise that I'm unable to activate nor play uncensored versions of these games, which ultimately led me to avoiding buying them. The same happened just now... Sleeping Dogs is on sale on Steam, costing only 2.99 euros, but the store page says the only available version I can buy is an low-violence v
Mar 21st 2019 9:08pm
Mar 22nd 2019 1:39am
Use a VPN and set it for the U.S. that'll open up the games you want on steam.
Mar 22nd 2019 1:46pm
@darknat beet me to it.