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So a purple vertical line has appeared out of nowhere on my screen and is not going away. Rip RX 480?
Mar 22nd 2019 4:49pm
When does it appear when you boot?
Mar 22nd 2019 4:52pm
No. It appeared like 10-20 minutes after booting. I'm uninstalling the drivers to see if there's any change.
Mar 22nd 2019 5:02pm
So I installed new drivers and while doing that I also adjusted the hdmi cable on the monitor's port and it seems fine now lol
Mar 22nd 2019 5:12pm
Yeah okay, makes sense. Was trying to figure out whether it was GPU or monitor issue depending on how it appeared on boot but guess it's the HDMI connection and all okay now!
Mar 22nd 2019 9:01pm
usually it's a problem with cable or video port on gpu or monitor, faulty vram on gpu makes artifacting on screen diffrently ;)
Mar 23rd 2019 7:22am
Glad your sorted now as I also have the RX 480 8gb and was panicking lol
Apr 9th 2019 3:36pm
It looks like it's a problem with a monitor after all... It appears after 5-10 minutes of booting and it's pink on a bright backdrop and greyish on a dark one. If I unplug the hdmi cable and it says "No signal" I can still see the same line. Any suggestions on what to do? I bought the monitor in 2013 so I think the warranty has expired.