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I am bored without measure with AC Origins
Mar 25th 2019 6:44am
after how long ?
Mar 25th 2019 9:23am
"measure with AC Origins" what do you mean?
Mar 25th 2019 9:58am
how one measure boredom?
Mar 25th 2019 10:37am
im ok with grindy games if they are rewarding, origins was pretty decent, cleared whole map, around 80h of gameplay :D
Mar 25th 2019 11:13am
@thecookiemonster After 15 hours ( lv 17 ) , @david988 the game is not interesting for me
Mar 25th 2019 11:14am
@ErgoProxi i have a pretty low bar for it , i even liked Unity and Syndicate but this Open World feels empty and grindy
Mar 25th 2019 11:16am
@gerulis20 Damn im glad you liked it, i hope that Odyssey will be better for me.
Mar 25th 2019 11:22am
odyssey its about the same as origin imo
Mar 25th 2019 11:36am
Currently I am playing it and the way I personally feel tht this game was designed is for players to do every quest, location discoveries, and objectives in the regions the main story takes u through. (I don't know whether this method will work for u but try and think tht u r having fun while playing and slowly u will start enjoying it as u play) I finished Siwa, and Lake Mareotes regions and I am currently in Alexandria at lvl 14 doing side quests and other stuff. I have the three main quests, Aya, end of snake and the genadios quest left to move on with the story. to me tht think and play method is the perfect way to play such kinds of games, without getting bored and frustrated. so yeah it may or may not work for u, but I suggest u try it anyway. good luck.
Mar 25th 2019 11:38am
yep i firstly discovered all locations and only then i started doing story missions same as i did with witcher 3
Mar 25th 2019 5:30pm
@Andrej997 yeah i enjoyed it but i totally understand who dont like it. Heck even after that massive grind i wanted to take a break because not long after i completed origins odyssey got released and i still havent started it yet.