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No one talk of sekiro? Is hard master... Six hours and i no defeated no one mini boss. I am crying blood. This may be the biggest challenge I have ever faced. "Nana korobi ya oki" yes, master.
Mar 25th 2019 11:12pm
i am about to play it just first is Metro on my list tho yea it is weird that no one is actually talking about it now
Mar 26th 2019 2:43am
Uuuu, Sekiro looks awesome! I'll wait for a discount and definitely play at some point.
Mar 26th 2019 6:45am
It's not hard, you are probably just playing too aggressive. It's a hack and slash, thus play it like one. You block, dodge, parry or evade during their attacks and then in the gaps, you attack. With each attack having its own counter, most can be blocked and parried, some can't, those that can't you jump either backward or towards them, the grabs and charges you just roll/dodge them.
Mar 26th 2019 9:51am
Yeah no review code and it's a bit pricey for me at the moment but definitely plan to get it soon. I hear it's harder than Souls but I wanna know if it's actually harder for people who don't summon co-op players in Souls
Mar 26th 2019 6:17pm
I don't Summon in Souls, and it's different, I wouldn't say harder(though I've played for only 2-3 hours so far). It's faster paced for sure and if you play like you play SoulsBorne games you will die. You have to be fast and aggressive. You should play it like you play something like Devil May Cry, but adjust to it's game mechanics and the enemy game mechanics.
Mar 26th 2019 6:58pm
I wonder how the game would play for me as a Monster Hunter fan...
Mar 26th 2019 7:18pm
@psychoman exactly. I have never played soulsborne. The hack and slash does not come close to being my favorite genre by far. That does not mean I do not like the genre. I like all genres. For me, I was sinning slow. I was also learning. I do not want to pound buttons with no sense. Today I went back and defeated the first mini boss General Naomori Kawarada. I skipped that and I've been paying. This combat has taught me a lot and it's like you say. You have to be proactive. He has also given me as a reward a pumpkin seed, with which I will have more life to defeat the others who were clogging me. I'm sure I can defeat the Ogre and the Shinobi. Because my mentality is changing.
Mar 26th 2019 7:19pm
@Jon wait until it's cheap ... and have a lot of time hahaha
Mar 26th 2019 7:22pm
@xquatrox I'm waiting for the monster hunter haha to go down in price. And have time because I'm still with The Witcher 3 clogging the RPG box. How is the fight in Monster Hunter? I prefer Rpg combat to Combo H & S style.
Mar 26th 2019 7:28pm
I've been looking for a challenge for years. I also want to place Sekiro as one of my favorite games. I want to put it under Automata and on top of Metro. I have an unconditional love. Love at first sight. What are 39 bosses with a stupid difficulty for a narrative Git Gud like me? If I get beat it, I'll go straight to buy Contra Hard Corps (USA version of Probotector) for my Mega Drive.
Mar 26th 2019 8:02pm
@Oiolosee There are very few hack and slash games that you mash buttons brainlessly, mostly Dynasty Warriors and similar hack and slashes.
Mar 26th 2019 8:08pm
@Oiolosse Well, I can very much recommend you the SoulsBorne games, but start in reverse order of their release IMO. Also, I love Contra Hard Corp and I love my Mega Drive too, what even is a Genesis? xD
Mar 26th 2019 10:33pm
I will try to follow your advice, at least for ds 3 & bloodborne :) brother of MD