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just started Metro Exodus and so far i have a mixed feelings about it, it looks nice but for some reason some of enviorments looks kind of cartonish telltale style also some textures are pretty low res, and face animations are really bad MA:A level of bad, thats all i found bad as for good side i like gameplay and story so far, its scaryer then before which is good, but i miss old theme soundtrack
Mar 26th 2019 5:34am
Me too, btw how was the CPU and GPU temp while playing? I also want to know that what is the safest temp for a cpu while gaming?
Mar 26th 2019 6:26am
I got bored with having 0 ammo all the time and running from A to B than back to A to craft ammo while all the npc monsters keep respawning. Otherwise the game looks good even on medium. Btw its kinda weird that the protagonist has no voice
Mar 26th 2019 7:42am
Glad I'm not the only one. It's okay but for some reason I'm finding this one the worst of the series. I thought maybe my tastes had changed. I'm finding it a bit repetitive now, like what you say tforulez. I run out of ammo and have to craft some more at a safe house as I can't be arsed stealthing it. I hate the way you can only carry two weapons and you can't drop the bloody bb gun.
Mar 26th 2019 8:19am
It has enchanted me. Both gameplay and style as plot. It's true that I did not play the previous ones, so I do not compare. Complaints about textures are true. Playing in Ultra they look worse than in High. You have to spin fine with the setting so that the image does not look blurry. At least in my case. Equally when you leave this game and you put others look like cartoons compared to the photorealism of Metro. When coming from a similar graphic experience (FF15) your eyes may take a while to become accustomed.
Mar 26th 2019 9:11am
Yeah I think opinions will vary based on playing the older ones. I enjoyed Exodus but I've kind of had enough of the series now. If Exodus was my first one it would probably be amazing, but it's pretty human to get a little bored.
Mar 26th 2019 9:41am
I got bored without having played any earlier metro games lol
Mar 26th 2019 10:23am
tforulez and Oiolosse you should both try them they are better then exodus + you would love the theme soundtrack one of most memorable game soundtrack for me. Shoebrakib1 cpu was never going above 55c and for gpu usually around 68c i will did bench like i did for every other bigger game i played so far just want to get further in game to find better and more fps crushing locatiost to take screenshoots.
Mar 26th 2019 10:38am
hehe I will try to buy the redux to play on the laptop. I have been more eager to meet Artyom and Anna, and that claustrophobia of the subway. But I will also take a break before.
Mar 26th 2019 11:19am
redux is a lot better then original in my opinion but its not so well optimisde i played it with my 960 4gb 30-50fps back when i first time played it tho i did max it 1080p so..